[Guide] 996xT Fixes: Stats Bug || Neg. EXP || ZENvsEXP rate

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[Guide] 996xT Fixes: Stats Bug || Neg. EXP || ZENvsEXP rate

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:00 pm

I have these fixes applied on my server about 3 weeks now just wanting
to be sure they work 100% before I release this guide.

I know most if not all 996xT server owners have these problems esp
StatBug where some reverted back to other server files becuz they can't
seem to solve these issues.

Good thing about this FIX... it's like killing 3 birds with 1 stone!

MuServer files 996xT latest release by goeh

Let's start.

1. Go to ur Gameserver folder and open FNRGSSet.ini with notepad.
2. Look for the info below:

; Exp Calculation Fomula
;Level <= FNRECCL ===> Exp = (Level+9)*Level*Level*10
;Level > FNRECCL ===> Exp = [(Level-FNRECCL)+9]*(Level-FNRECCL)*(Level-FNRECCL)*1000+(Level+9)*Level*Level*10
FNRECCL = 255 ;Default (255)

At FNRECCL=255 and Level <= FNRECCL : character from level 1 to 255 will use the 1st formula for EXP.
At FNRECCL=255 and Level > FNRECCL : character from level 256 above will use the 2nd formula for EXP.
But for some reason, 2nd formula started to go haywire giving out
negative value as EXP on character level 371. And my guess, this is
where stat bug is coming from also.

3. Solution: Change FNRECCL = 255 to FNRECCL = 370 . This will solve NEGATIVE EXP and thus fixing STATBUG.

But wait! we're not done yet, as I said 3 birds with 1 stone.
With this setup, ur EXP rate will go like 4x to 5x the normal rate in commonloc.cfg. So, change ur AddExperience accordingly.

If ur current AddExperience=5000, change that to AddExperience=1000

Now, with the NEGATIVE EXP gone, STATBUG fixed and the addexp adjusted
to lower value without loosing original EXP rate, guess what? Ur ZEN
VALUE drop is NOW LOWER too! Since, AddExperience is now down to 1000
only instead of 5000 (EXP rate is proportional to ZEN value rate), u
got urself a lowered ZEN value drops. Match this up with increased
value of ItemDropPer, then u get lesser ZEN droprate.

ENJOY!! ^^

Please post ur feedback or PM me if this guide works for u or not.
THANK U! Smile

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