[Guide] Changing CS Port - 99.6x

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[Guide] Changing CS Port - 99.6x

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:04 pm

Changing Connect Server Port - 99.6x

Since I havenīt found here any programs able to change that port for
that version yet, I went through hexing. Just for security matters

Choose your Hex Editor ( I use WinHex ), and open your CS.exe file with
it. Find the following offset, and edit it. Remember of having a backup
of your file, before saving any changes.

Here are some examples. Use your windows calculator for more results.

Hex Value = Listen Port
75AD = 44405
76AD = 44406
77AD = 44407
78AD = 44408
79AD = 44409
7AAD = 44410

Good Luck!

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