[Guide] Easiest way to change the time of Chaos Castle Event

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[Guide] Easiest way to change the time of Chaos Castle Event

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:06 pm

First, it's very fast to do. In my private server, i changed it to 15 minutes instead of 1 hour. Lolz.
You can do this easily.But in my opinion, the time can be changed is 5 or higher (Higher than 5 is the best). Why?
Because you have 5 minutes for preparations (For an example you can buy/sell necessary items...)
before these events are opened.
*** How to change ***

+ Step1:
Open the file named "ChaosCastle.DAT" with Notepad or whatever you have.
It's in server side/Data folder.

You can see lines that were written :


// 카오스 캐슬이 시작하는 시간 (HOUR, MIN)
12 00
14 00
16 00
18 00
20 00
22 00

Our work now must changed them to the time you want. Its structure is :


12 00

- 12 : Chaos Castke 's hour
- 00 : Chaos Castke 's minute

+ Step 3:
Save and run your server. It works perfectly.

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