[Guide] Understanding "DropPerRate" Config for [0.

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[Guide] Understanding "DropPerRate" Config for [0.

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:23 pm

In this guide i will explain to you how "DropPerRate" use for.

Start by opening MyGsFun.ini using notepad.
Now search for the parameter "DropPerRate"
you will see 6 of them:
DropPerRate1 = 100
DropPerRate2 = 90
DropPerRate3 = 80
DropPerRate4 = 40
DropPerRate5 = 20
DropPerRate6 = 5
is use for Excellent item options drop rate from BOK. If the first one
(DropPerrate1) is set to 100 and others to 0, therefore exc items will
only drop 1 exc options. So if 6 are set to 100, then exc item will
drop full options(6).


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