[Guide] Understanding and Editing Gate.txt and Gate.bmd

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[Guide] Understanding and Editing Gate.txt and Gate.bmd

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:24 pm

Ill make it quick, it's very simple and understandable!
Download this use full BMD editor:
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Hello Fraps, can you tell me how can I edit a gate from lorencia
coordinates x,x so it will teleport me to devias coordinates x,x ?

Rule number one on editing the gates:
For the gate ingame to be working, the gate.txt and gate.bmd must be
the same! if there will be one number more or less, it WON'T work!
So be careful when editing it.

Step 1: Finding the coordinates WHERE FROM you want to be teleported. (in our case it is Lorencia right?).

Getting your coordinates range ( x,x ) ( y,y ) [I hope you learned math
in your school because it might come in handy right now.]
So lets say you want a certain area (square*) to teleport you to devias, check those coorditanes:
Check this pictures:


RED: coordinates set in the gates
PINK: the area that if you will approch it, you will be teleported.
ORANGE: (continue with the guide)

same for the destination

now that you understood the rule, lets learn how to edit gate.txt and bmd!!
Example for my gate from arena to stadium and from stadium back to arena:
142 1 6 65 137 65 137 143 0 50
143 2 6 63 118 63 118 142 0 50
144 2 6 65 137 65 137 145 0 50
145 1 6 60 120 65 120 144 0 50
It maybe looks very un-understandable, but once you learned it, it will be a kids game!

Lets take the first line: Code:
142 1 6 65 137 65 137 143 0 50
142: gate number: every new line you past into the gate should be called in a new gate number
is it first gate or second? it you want the first line to teleport to
the second line, the first line has to be "1" and the second has to be
"2" so the GS will know which line to teleport to which.
6: map number: from which map it will teleport
65: coordinate X1 (see pictures above)
137: coordinate Y1 (see pictures above)
65: coordinate X2 (see pictures above)
137: coordinate Y2 (see pictures above)
143: to which gate this area will send you? in this case it will send us to gate 143 (at stadium)
0: i dont know what is that, leave it always 0
50: level required to enter this gate

As you can figure out by now, my 142 and 144 gates are not areas, (see
pic to understand what is areas) means that those coords in game will
teleport me into one spot and not into a field area.
143 and 145 are areas, yes.

Q: Fraps, how did you manage to know all that shit?
A: Used my brain and the sense, if you don't have any sense, use this guide, if you do have, you don't need this guide.

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