[Guide] Understanding Item HEX Code

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[Guide] Understanding Item HEX Code

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CzF Guide: Understanding item's db code

E.x. Item: 1400FF003A605E008310 (Knight Blade +0 +0 no luck , no skill , no serial , non exl, 255 dur)

Lets define

  • 14

    • 1: item type ( 1 is for swords - you can check them urself to see which is which)
    • 4: item id ( 4 is for the Knight Blade )

  • 00: Item Level/Luck/Skill/Option Level
  • FF: Durability (FF is 255)
  • 00: Ancient Item Code (00: non ancient)
  • 3A605E:
    Item Serial (Increases with every dropped/added item - UNIQUE, if
    matches - item is either added by an admin that doesn't know what he is
    doing or item's dupe)
  • 00: item excellent options (00 is non exl)
  • 8310:
    still do not know exactly what this means but changes every time smh in
    the item(level/exl opt/anc/skill/dur -everything) and does not effect
    the item
If items takes more than one slot its code will be normal except after the item there should be "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"
- blank field. If two items stack one under another and the first one
is two horizontal slotted slotted the second item will disapear (never
even appear) once the inventory or vault was opened by the user.

Item is exactly 10 str in binary length and 20 in varchar (not more , not less !)

Understanding Character Inventory Item locations

Elf Equipted with: Nature ste +13+28 Full opt, viper bow, ring of ice,
ring of poison, pendant of lighting, bolts, wings of spirits, dinorant

Lets explain which is which
8F28EA00000000000000 - Bolts+5 (First hand Slot)
94EFFF00275F0A7F0000 - Viper Bow (Second hand Slot)
F86FFF00275EF57F0000 - Red Spirit Helm (Helm Slot)
186FFF00275EF5FF0010 - Red Spirit Armor (Armor Slot)
386FFF00275EF5FF0000 - Red Spirit Pants (Pants Slot)
586FFF00275EF5FF0000 - Red Spirit Gloves (Gloves Slot)
786FFF00275EF5FF00FF - Red Spirit Boots (Boots Slot)
836FFF00275EF7FF0071 - Wings Of Spirit (Wing/Cape Slot)
A300FF003A6C32802822 - Dinorant (Guardian slot)
AC6BFF001C4ABEFF000F - Pendant Of Lighting (Pendant slot)
A86BFF000562D9FF0000 - Ring Of Ice (Ring1 slot)
A96BFF001EC60CC00900 - Ring Of poison (Ring2 slot)
- inventory slot 1x1 Blank
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF - inventory slot 2x1 Blank
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF - inventory slot 3x1 Blank
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF - inventory slot 4x1 Blank
8F28FF000000000000FE - inventory slot 5x1 Bolts+5 (255)
- inventory slot 6x1 Blank

code to retreive full items from warehouse/inventory(usually retreives only first slots in select case)
declare @items varbinary(1200),
@charname varchar(10);
/* Your character's name here */
set @charname=('CHARNAME_HERE');

set @items=(select [inventory] from [Character] where [Name]=@charname);
print @items;


declare @items varbinary(1200),
@accname varchar(10);
/* Your account's name here */
set @accname=('ACC_HERE');

set @items=(select [Items] from [warehouse] where [AccountId]=@accname);
print @items;

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