[Guide] Wear All Items for 1.02x

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[Guide] Wear All Items for 1.02x

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:29 pm

In this guide, i will show you how to make all items wearable for all characters.

We will start with teh Legend:
We will only have 3
0= Unable to wear/use/equip items
1= First Class character can wear/use/equip items
2= Second Class(Complete Quest) can wear/use/equip items

Ok, lets begin


Ok, why do we open 3 of those? why cant be one?
Its because we are not sure which item(lang) the GS gonna read, so just to make it sure. Also the dataserver read this also.

Before doing this, you need to close your server.

Start looking @ the last 5 lines.

Now, the question you will ask will be "How do i know which column belong to each character?"

Look here:

Now go back to the Legend and you will know that 0 makes the item
unwearable, 1 makes the item wearable by first class characters and 2
makes the items wearable by second class characters.

Note: when you set the DarkLord and MagicGladiator column, do not use 2, use 1 instead since DL and MG dont have quest.

Now, the only thing you will do it to change the digit from 0-2.
when it meet your needs, save it and close it out.

Now, copy item(kor).txt, item(chs).txt and item(vtm).txt into your Lang folder
Put the item(lang).txt to their corresponding folder, (kor) go to Kor folder, etc.

Now we are done, but thats only the server side part, now lets edit the client side.

Start open your client and find Data\Local
open item.bmd with any bmd editor, i suggest Extreme MuEdit. Since i
have em, but i can't put it here, RZ has a rule that i/we can't give
link to that program.

Just search in goggle.

Now assuming that you already have the editor.
Open item.bmd
and scroll to the very right and you will see:

Now remember to make the digit/code match t oyour server side, if not, you will have bugs.

Thats all.

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