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[Guide] Wear all items Empty [Guide] Wear all items

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:30 pm

Here is the Guide how to install it:

The "item(kor).txt" you shall put in (Muserver/data/lang/kor and overwrite the old one.

The "skill(kor).txt" you shall put in (Muserver/data/lang/kor and overwrite the old one.

The "Item.bmd" you shall put in youre client files(the one you play with) in (MuFolder/data/item and overwrite the old one.

How do i make my own, if i only want to do so MG can wear for example Black Dragon?:

Here is what you should do:

The item.bmd i posted here holds information so u can wear all sets (so you dont need to edit it, Notice the item.bmd i posted now is for Version 0.97D with or without 99 items ).

Go to MuServer folder\Data\lang\kor and open item(kor).txt and this is how mine looks:
Picture 1
Picture 2

Now you will se it like this if you dont have a English Version of it where it allready says DW, DK, ELF and MG.
Picture 3

There you will see that there is either 0, 1 or 2.
The 0 = cant wear
the 1 = Can wear(DK, Elf, DW, MG)
the 2 = Can Wear if you have made the quest( BLADE KNIGHT, MUSE ELF, SOULMASTER) (Option to be SM, BK or MF)

Lets say You want MG To wear Black Dragon Armor, Search Black Dragon up in the item(kor).txt and it will look like this:
Picture 4
u can also see that i mared a Red Ring around the 0 1 0 0 that is for the different Class(DW,DK,ELF and MG):

Now we want the MG to Wear the black dragon armor then u see the 0 at end, change it to 1 and youre MG can now wear
Black Dragon Armor.

And now if you are too lasy i have posted all here so u can download:

0.97D+0.99Items(works for 0.97D without 99 items also):
There is a backup file in the .rar file.

0.99B = Working on it Smile

0.97 = Working on it Smile

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[Guide] Wear all items Empty Re: [Guide] Wear all items

Post by RedRox on Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:38 pm

good xD


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