[Guide] Understanding FNRBalgassDrop-FNRDarkelfDrop

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[Guide] Understanding FNRBalgassDrop-FNRDarkelfDrop

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:30 pm

Didnt find a guide for this. Works with EventItembag4 (Xmas star) TOO.

we have an item for EXAMPLE:

5 12 0 13 1 1 1 1

5 - serial #1
12 - serial #2
(like in shop this two number determinates the item)
0 - Min. level it will be the droped item.
13 - Max. level item it will be the droped item.
(if u put 13 13 then u will get always a +13 item)
1 - if u put 1 the item will have skill, put 0 and wont have.
1 - same as avobe but if u put 1 the item will have luck,
1 - same but with 1 will have option.
1 - this one for my its the most important, if u put "1" the item droped will be exellent. if u put 0 it wont be.

hope u find it usefull.

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