[Guide] Full Server MX1.1E Guide For Non Router And Router U

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[Guide] Full Server MX1.1E Guide For Non Router And Router U

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:42 am

This is A PICTURE GUIDE! Don't need to explain JUST READ READ READ

i Will be adding SubServer Guide in a few days time ^_^

Just Download The guide below

Full Server GuideVer1

================================================== ====

Updates Guide For New Server Files

Download Links is Available

  • Change Something in Muserver Editing Folder Check it Out!

y]Server Files ]

Latest Changes to this server files:

[ Bugs Fixed ]

  • When reload option too many time.. Sm will appear in 0 life 0 mana, shop error problem

    Solution : Restart Gameserver.exe

  • Castle Siege is Not working for 1.01E

  • To prevent dupe bug, you need to have 1 subserver (100% needed) Read Below

  • 85% Translated To English

  • Files that are not supposed to be appear or not working are already deleted.

  • Working BC Fix+7

Refer to FrienzMu 1.01E server Files


Ignore below if you are using MSSQL 2005

MSSQL 2000 Refer to http://forum.ragezone.com/releases/r...ks-136510.html

Credits go to FrienzMu Network

[ Bugs hard to fixed and no solution]

  • Zen Bug

  • Ds 5 and 6

================================================== ==

e]Client ]

  • Updated the Client Now Working in Good Condition
Require to Change the server name using the extremuedit

Full Working 1.01E Client

[ Client Installation Guide ]

Just extract to anywhere u wan

Those of you who have configure your own server client.. Please make a backup before u do the above ^_^ unless u wan to edit again =)

Edit Roar.txt and change to ur wan ip

Please Pm Me if any of this links dun works.

================================================== ==

[ Dupe Prevention ]


1 Mainserver

1 Subserver

Main Server ( Server 1 )

In Server 1 , You need to disable trade in the commonserver.cfg


You can disable it in Server 2 ( up to u )

SubServer ( Server 2 )

You need to edit Monstersetbase.txt and removed all the npcs

Npc --> even then guards that is walking around the city

Now people can trade in Subserver 1 but there is no npcs for them to Dupe

[ Subserver Problem ]

I have tested it.. with 3.0ghz 1.5gb ram.. I host two servers with my own computer.. 100% Processes .. I would suggest you recruit someone to host for you the subserver or Rent a dedicated machine

So the Final Results is Server 1 with no Trade and Server 2 with Trade but Npcs Removed

This Guide is By DukeGr The Exernon Developer

Thank Him for the Great Dupe Prevention Guide

================================================== ====

Connection Problems:

1) Quote:
I can't connect to my server. when i conenct to my server it say " Disconnect from server"

Read the ServerEdit Checkpoint File!

================================================== ===


Problem With SQL Server Error And MxExDb?


Go to CustomDB and change





Go to Gamerserver Folder and change:





Qns : Quote:
When I click Link04 There is an Error?

Solutions : Go to Links Folder Right Click Links 04 and properties

Type in Your Lan ip

Qns : Quote:
Chao Castle Don't Work?

See Below

Firstly Go to your Muserver/data/

Then open commonserver.cfg

Go to the last line of the file, Paste This In

ChaosCastleEvent = 1

ChaosCastleStartHour = 1


There are two Thing for You to Choose



Test Your Chao Castle By closing gameserver first . Next change yr computer time to 5:54pm And Start gameserver , Then faster go in your server and right click armor of guardman

If your chao castle work properly it should show some chinese msg..


Change AnswerStat=0 to Answerstat=1

OR if u get kicked from the game when u click the invitation , then , open ur textest.bmd , go to line 1157 and change it to "Castle %s [%d/%d]"

Guide Found Somewhere

To Fix Chaos Castle:

1. Open "SQL Server Enterprise Manager"

2. Select "MuOnline" under "Databases"

3. Select "Character" from tables.

4. Right-click and select "Design Table"

5. Select "AccountID" and change "Collation" to database default.

6. Do the same for "Name"

Chaos Castle should now work by reset where "zs_count" is the reset value.

To enter Chaos Castle by level.

1. Go to "Stored Procedures" and double click on "MX_GetCharacter"

You'll see this:

CREATE procedure MX_GetCharacter

@Name nvarchar(12)




Set nocount on

begin transaction

select [Couple],[mr_value],[pt_score], [zs_count] from [Character] where Name=@Name

commit transaction

Set nocount off




Change the highlighted line to the one below to enter Chaos Castle by level

select [Couple],[mr_value],[pt_score], [cLevel] from [Character] where Name=@Name

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