[Guide] Getting your 99.62T online [Client side]

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[Guide] Getting your 99.62T online [Client side]

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:44 am

Well, I`ve been making 99.62T. And i can say, what a mess! So many
files, you don`t know what to choose anymore. So, that`s why I make
this guide for a sec.

I used the files of Endi, they got everythign fixed. Few minor bugs, which i think, don`t give shit!

First problems after starting the links 1/9:

1. Creating an account:
Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).
Now click on "System DSN". Here you see your ODBC register files of your MuOnline server.
Delete: "MuOnlineJoinDB".
After you deleted the DSN, you must create a new one:
Click "Add", scroll down to "SQL Server".
Name: MuOnlineJoinDB
Description: leave it alone
Server: (local) --> or another server, where your MuOnline databases are installed on.
Now click "Next", Windows Authentification (SQL Authetification is possible), and click "Next" again.
Now you must choose a database, it is saying "Master", change this to Me_MuOnline.

After you have done this, the MuAccountCreate should work! No more errors, or other crap.

2. Editting the accounts (MuEditor):
Open MuEditor, and search the account that you just created with
MuAccountCreate.exe. Now MuEditor will open it, and you are free to
edit w/e you want.

3. Hexing the Main.exe with your IP:
This has been a big problem for a lot of people. Even for me, and after all, it is so easy once you get the picture Wink.
Usually the Main.exe is included with the server files, and usually the
IP in the main.exe is But, sometimes they`re different.
Note: Releasers always post the IP of the Main.exe (at least, that`s
what supposed to happen).
Open your HexEditor, and open the Main.exe. Click the "Search" button,
and find (normal text, not in hex) : (or a different IP given
with the release). It will track the IP down, and you can replace it
with you own!

4. Finding a correct client for 99.62T files:
I used the 1.0n(VIE)client. It was missing some files, and the text.bmd
was corrupted. However, it is easy to place it all inside the client.
For the most new 99.62T files, there is an Patch 1.0h. You can use
almost any client, just make sure you are using a good Main.exe (hexed
Wink) and all the OZJ/T files. And also the correct BMD files.

These were the problems where i bumped into whilst i was creating a
99.62T server. I hope you had the same problems, and that they now are
gone Wink.

Good luck

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