[GUIDE] How to compile L2J

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[GUIDE] How to compile L2J

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:57 pm

Note before reading, things in this color are just bullshit you can just don't read they are just for explaining some stuff not so important,
why I typed this?.... is just because sometimes ppl don't wanna learn
when they see like a lot of text and they just prefer to get the server
compiled, but remember things in this color are really really really really important

everybody, fist of all I wanna tell that this forum is really nice, all
people help each other with contributions and everything they can, not
like l2OFF forum where all answers you can get are "Good Look", "Use
search", and things like this, thats the reason i tried the L2J and I
really love it, well that's no the reason of the post so let's see
I have noted that in this forum there is no a post for the people that
teach you how to compile a subversion of L2J, well this is my first
guide and I hope you ejoy it, i think is time to help people cause I
really get a lot of help in this forum so let's start the guide.

1.: The first step on this is that you have to decide wich version of L2J you will like to compile, in
this forum you can find a lot of them like Hero1711, official L2J, L2J
Free, DrakRage's, etc... etc... I sincerily reommend you the official
L2J or the L2J Free, I'm not saying that the other ones are wrong or
something else, is just that the other ones have extra stuff, like npc
buffer, global gk, etc... so that's the reason I recommend you the L2J
Free or the L2J, but if you like a "custom server" it will be fine to
chose Hero's pack or darkrage's one, this step is for me the most
dificult part, cause one pack has something that other one don't and
you'll never get a perfect one so is better to learn how to do the
things or to download your custom patches (in this moment maybe you
wanna kill me cause I have not explained anything and I made you read a
lot jeje so i will stop blah, blah, blah blah and start teaching you)
Note, when you have decided wich pack you will like to compile you have to search for the SVN Repository

Here I paste you some SVN Repository links

Official L2J---------------"http://www.l2jdp.com/svn/trunk/"
Official L2J---------------"http://www.l2jserver.com/svn/trunk/"
ones you must compile the two to get a server, the fist one is the
datapack and the second one is just the server so if you decide to get
a Official L2J you must compile that two links

L2J Free-----------------"svn://l2jfree.com/repo/l2j-free/trunk/"
Hero 1711---------------"https://opensvn.csie.org/l2jhero1711/"
this ones you will find 3 folders one is ffor the login server other
for the game server and other one with the datapack, I will explain it

2.: Once you have decided wich server pack you'll like to compile you have to download this 2 programs

Java SE JDK 6
note that in that page you'll find a lot of JDK6 you have to download the one that says
The Java SE Development Kit (JDK) includes the.......

Eclipse SDK 3.2.2
please take a look in the page don't download the eclipse distros, that don't work
that eclipse is not a program you have to install, you have just to
unzip it in a folder you will remember for the rest of your life

3.: Install Java SE JDK here I put some images

Just accept the Licence Agreement


Wait until this shit is installing

Another time Next

Another time just wait untill it finish

Then you have it installed Congratulations, you see is not so
difficult, just click finish and see the readme, or if you don't want
just deselect the option and click finish

4.: Configure Eclipse (Muajajajajaja, this is the evil part)
Follow all my instructions and I suere you will have everything allright
Step one obviously unzip the eclipse in a folder you will remember for the rest of your life
Step 2 open the exlipse.exe (I recommend you to make a desktop
shortcut) it will ask you where to put the Workspace, I recommend you
to keep this like it preconfigured for you and check the box where says
that use that like default

Click on menu Window/Preferences

There will appear some screen like I have here

Expand the one that says +Java

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Re: [GUIDE] How to compile L2J

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:57 pm

So your window will look like this one

Then select the option that says Installed JREs

You will have some window like this

Note if you have another JRE just select the one that says JDK, if you don't have it just keep following instructions

Click on the search button

A window will apear, just select your hard drive and click OK
this will search for all JREs in your hard drive, note that this may take a lot of time so don't be desperated

When it finish you will now have a screen like this, doesn't matter if
you don't have so much JREs or if you have more than me, but if you
don't have the JDK then just install it the guide for install it is in
the fist part of the post
Just select the newes version of JDK in this case 6.0

Just click OK

Then go to menu Help/Software Updates/Find and Install....

You will have a window like this one

Just check the box for "Search for new features to install" and click next

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Re: [GUIDE] How to compile L2J

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:57 pm

then you will see a window like this one

Just click on "New Remote Site"

You will see a window like this one

In name you can put the name what you want, if you want you can put
John Smith, you don't have to put your name lol, you have to put the
name of the site, it can be whatever you want but in URL you must paste
this subclipse: Subclipse Update Site then just click OK

So you return to the other window, just select the one you have created
the other ones aren't important to compile L2J so don't take care of
them, then when you select yours just click finish button

Then your computer will think for a little while, let it think and then you will have a window like this one

Just check the box like in the image and click next

Surprise!! a window will appear (another time)

Accept the terms and click next

Now just click Finish button

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Re: [GUIDE] How to compile L2J

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:58 pm

So now try to tell me what's next
you got it?
don't look below
don't cheat in this game
you got it?
Yes you're right another window will appear, what an intelligent guy
you are so I will stop doing this guide........ Ok better not, I will
continue, you wanna know why I made this joke, is easy man/woman is
just cause I know you are bored or you just hate me cause I explain
everything, try to relax a little and if you are tired just sleep or go
to a park and play some baseball or soccer, I don't know just keep relax

Well coming back to our topic, you will have a window like this one, just wait until it finish

When your download finish successfully you will have an ugly window
like this one don't be afraid, I'm with you and I will help you Very Happy, you
just need to click on Install All

Another window appear, just wait until it install everything new stuff

When it finish you'll see this window telling you that your computer
crashed and you will lose all your data....... jejejeje just a joke to
relax you, the true is that you will restart eclipse just click Yes,

If eclipse don't restart just start it again manually

Coming back to eclipse, click on menu Window/Show view/Other

And another #$%#$"!"$$% window will appear, maybe in this moment you
are hating me but I don't care I now you'll love me after you finish

Just expand the option that say +SVN

Inside SVN just click the option that say SVN Repository and click OK

If you get a white window like this you are following correctly all my instructions

Just right click inside the window, a menu will appear (surprise, here will not appear a window)

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Re: [GUIDE] How to compile L2J

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:58 pm

5.: Downloading the source you will compile

Select New and then Repository location

Another window will appear jeje

very very very important note, here is where ppl get on his/her own
way, I mean here is where you put your SVN Repository location, you
must select one of your like, If you like Hero's1711 of Official L2J,
whatever you chose is the same thing, just the repository location
changes and obviously the contain of it, I mean NPC's, Armor, Weapon,
etc... etc...

So in this window you have to paste the repository you like to compile
in my case I chose for the guide the L2J Free version

Before pasting the repository location you just have to click finish

You will see another window that say your computer is thinking, just let it think

Then you will have something like this

Expand it (Just click in the [+])

you will have some folders like game server, login server and data pack, you have to download folder by folder

For example to download the data pack folder like in my case just left
click on it and in the meny click on the "Checkout" option

You will get another window, you know I hate windows Smile i think you will share my hate

you just have to check the box that say "Checkout as project in the workspace" and click finish

Another window will appear, it will say that is downloading all server
shit, this operation will take a lot of time you must be patient, if
you are not patient, you can see some porn pages, eat, play with your
dog, whatever you wanna do in that whil, cause I'm telling you this
will take a lot of time and I'm not lying

When you finish you will now have the folder, in my case "Data pack",
guess what, you will have to do the same process for the game server
and for the login server, just left click, checkout, blah blah blah

when you finish with all, continue with the next reply below this, don't continue if you didn't finish yet

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Re: [GUIDE] How to compile L2J

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:59 pm

6.: Compiling

If you are in this step congratulations you almost finish, just click
on the restore button of the SVN repository, is this, in the image is

After you click it you will see a lot of windows inside the Eclipse,
for now we are just looking for the Package Explorer, is located at the
top of the right side of the window

there you'll find all the files you downloaded by SVN repository

Expand the first one (clicking the [+]), you will see a file with name build.xml

Right click on it, a menu will appear

Go to the option that say "Run As" and then "Ant Build"

Click on the first one

In the center of the screen you will see a window named Console it will display something like this after you click ant build

Note that there is a red square

Don't take care about errors if you get at the end a message that say
"BUILD SUCCESSFUL", error's are because L2J is not a perfect source and
is incomplete, but if you get this window you are right

Now repeat all this steps for your 3 or 2 folders

That's it man/woman

So now what's next step......

7.: Unzipping and edit your files

Go to your Workspace folder
Don't remember where is it
C:\Documents and settings\"your user name"\Workspace
this is just if you didn't change it but if you change it and don't remember you didn't follow my instructions
Your workspace must look like this

enter one of your 3 or 2 folders, if you have 2 enter first to your L2J
Server folder if you have 3 enter to your login server or game server
folder doesn't matter which one you chose

Inside the folder you will see a folder with name build, open it and
there is your zip file, copy this to a folder you'll remember for the
rest of your life

If you just have 2 folders skip the next step

Then if you have 3 folders go to the other folder you didn't enter and
the one that is not the data pack one and enter build folder and copy
the zip to the same folder you copied the other zip

Then enter to the data pack folder and then to the build folder, and do
the same, copy the zip to the same folder you copied the other zips

Unzip the files in the same folder but remember this,
1) unzip login and game server
2) unzip data pack inside game server folder

If after this guide you couldn't make your own compilation, damn man you must not try to have a server

I hope you enjoyed this guide

This guide is dedicated to Nargen, is a person I really admire, cause
is a girl that makes servers, but that's no everything, I really admire
her cause she is a beautiful one.

Thx for reading this guide.

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Re: [GUIDE] How to compile L2J

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