Tutorial cum faci server cs + Battlefiled2 Rank Mod !

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Tutorial cum faci server cs + Battlefiled2 Rank Mod !

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:22 pm

BF2 Rank Mod !

acest mod introduce rangurile din battle field 2 in serverul de counter
strike + capture flag ! Rank`urile se fac in functie de cati playery
omorati ! Pentru a vedea rewards scrieti "/bf2menu" ! rankurile se vor
vedea cand puneti mousul pe un player ! il veti vedea si in partea
stanga de jos ! mod`ul contine si niste power up pe care le puteti
vedea in "/bf2menu" !



bf2_active (1|0) - Turns the plugin on or off - Default 1

bf2_badges (1|0) - Turns the badge system on or off - Default 1

bf2_awp (1|0) - Is user given an awp or scout by having the sniper badge - Default 0 (scout)

bf2_xpmultiplier (1|0) - Changes the kill multiplier needed to
reach each level - Default 0.1 (15 kills for rank 1, 20k kills for top

bf2_sql (1|0) - Switches between SQL and vault saving - Default 1 (SQL)

bf2_icon_time (float) - Amount of time to display the rank icons for. Default 1.5, 0 to disable icons all together.

bf2_flag_kills (int) - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for capturing a flag

bf2_flag_round_kills - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for winning a round

bf2_flag_match_kills - CS flags - How many bf2 points are awarded for winning the match

bf2_flag_min_players - CS flags - Min number of plays before above points get awarded

bf2_help_url (string) - remote folder where the bf2 web docs are stored (optional) do not include the trailing /

bf2_badgepowers (1|0) - enable/disable the powers for the badgess

bf2_hud_options "abcde"


say /bf2menu - Shows the Main Menu

say /who - Shows a list of player and their rank

say /whois <name> - Show the rank and badges of a specific player

say /whostats <name> - Show the stats page for a player

say /hud - Redisplays the HUD

say /ranks - Shows the kill xp table

say /help - Displays a Help MOTD

say /badges1 - Displays a Help MOTD on some of the badges

say /badges2 - Displays a Help MOTD on the rest of the badges

say /badges3 - Badges 3

bf2_addbagde <player> <badge> <level> - Gives a
badge to player. Requires Ban admin access. Badge <0>. Level

bf2_addkills <player> <kills> - Adds to a players kills.. Also requires ban access

say /bf2stats - Show a list of your kill data


Dupa ce ati downloadat mod`ul dati extract files...

apoi faceti ca in imaginea de mai jos si dati OK

Daca va apare sa dati yes - yest to all dati yes to all !

Apoi mergeti in C:\HLDS\cstrike\addons\configs\plugins.ini si adaugati urmatorea linie:


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