[Guide] How to make 97D+99 version 100% full works

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[Guide] How to make 97D+99 version 100% full works

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How to create a server with version 97D+99.

First of all you need to have a D:\ drive.In driver C:\ maybe will not work.

Virtual Memory Problems Fix: Start-> right click in My Computer->
Properties-> Advanced-> Where Perfomance ->
Settings->Advanced->Where Virtual Memory->
Settings->Initial Size = 800 Maximum Size = 4000 and done.

Now you must download SQL Server to create the main databases.You can download it here:

During setup follow the steps below:
Run Setup.exe and click Next 8 times.
You will see Services Accounts.
Choose Local System Account and press next.
Then you will see Authentication Mode window,set it to mixed mode and set the password sa.
Finally press continue the installation.

Another important folder you need to download is mu server.(Be careful this is not mu client).
This guide is for version 97D+99 so download the mu server here:

If you downloaded it put it in driver D:\

Now you need to change the ips from some files in the mu server.
Go to run and press cmd.Then you will see a window.Press ipconfig and you will see your ip.Copy your ip.
And go to D:\-mu server-cs.Open connectservelist with nopad and change the ip in the file to yor ip.Do
the same to these file.
D:\muserver/links/right click on 4 and 8 and properties.In link 8 there are two ips to change.

Now go to start/all programs/Microsoft Sql Server/Enterprise Manager/

In Enterprize Manager press this: + left of Microsoft SQL Servers.Do the same to SQL Server Group and the same
in (local)(Windows NT).Then select Databases.In databases right click and new database.Name it MuOnline and
create another new database and name it Ranking.

Now you need to restore them.Right click on MuOnline and All
tasks/Restore Database.Restore as Select form Device,select Devices,add
and then select MuOnline db backs in D:\Muserver\db backs\ and click ok
four times.

Do the same with Ranking BUT in db backs folder don't select MuOnline but Ranking.

Click here and download ODBC.REG file:
megaupload.com EEKDFZQM

jUST put odbc file in mu server folder and open it.Just click yes.

Now download MuServer StartUp:megaupload.com R0XUUZH5

And only put it in mu server folder.

The last file you must download is mu online client 97D+99.
Download it here:

Extract it in the desktop.

Now go to D:\muserver\links.Open the eight links to open your server.Or you can use MuServer StartUp.This small
program will do automatically all this job.

To create accounts use mu editor.Be careful.For 97D+99 version you must have mueditor 2.1 or 2.2.No one will work.

Try to connect to your server.If you have disconnect download extreme mu editor(you will find it in ragezone releases).
Also to open extreme mu editor you need .net frameworks.Download and install it.

Now open extreme mu edit.Choose Edit and Preferences.Go to client path and select to open the client from the
desktop.Press ok.Now go to client(not in the folder,from extreme mu editor)and press analyze client.Now your server works 100%.

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