[Guide] How to make a server

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[Guide] How to make a server

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Simple server questions

1. Can i make a server on Linux? The answer is NO, linux does not support MSSQL.

2. Do this Guide works for router users? NO this guide doesnt support routers.

3.Will this guide work on my C: drive? NO this guide doesnt support C: users, if u have a C: drive then ull need to read other guides about how to make a D: drive or use Partition Magic and make a D: drive.

4. What do i need to make a server? You will be provided with all files needed to make a server in this tutorial.

5. How do i make accounts? MuEditor is the best tool to use.

6. How do i make max level to be 1000? Read hex guides here in forum.

7. Virtual Memory Problems Fix: Start-> right click in My Computer-> Properties-> Advanced-> Where Perfomance -> Settings->Advanced->Where Virtual Memory-> Settings->Initial Size = 800 Maximum Size = 4000 and done.

8. My server dont want to start, i get errors! Read the guide 3-5 times until you know how do things work and check lot of times the IPs.

Server setup guide

The first thing that you will need to make a server is called Microsoft SQL Server, it is the program that will allow you to make the databases and store them. Other useful things can be done using this program almost all of them.

You can download Microsoft SQL Server known as MSSQL here.

  • Installing SQL Server 2000: Extract SQLEVAL.exe.
  • Run Setup.exe and click Next 8 times.
  • It will show you this window named Services Accounts.
  • In Service Settings set it to Use the Local System Account.
  • Click Next and it will show the Authentication Mode window.
  • Set it to Mixed Mode(Windows Authentication and SQL server Authentication) after that make sure to set a password below.
  • The password will be the sa account password, you will need it after on if you want to set an online registration.
  • Then click next to continue the Installation

The second thing and most important is the MuServer files you can download here.

The password to the server files is warrior19

The next step will be to extract the MuServer folder from the RAR and copy the folder in it to the D: drive make sure it dont have double folders like D:/MuServer/MuServer , it should only have D:/MuServer/ .

Editing server IPs

Following that the next step would be to edit IP files, this will be the files you will need to edit:





Open this files using Notepad or Wordpad, and edit where it says "" to your global IP that can be found here.

Now editing others IP files that are this ones:




In this files search for: using CTRL+F. Then change it to your local IP that can be found like this:

Click Start, Run, and type cmd. When u get to cmd you will type this ipconfig. And it will show your local ip.

The other 2 other files that need to edit their IP are:



In this files you will need to do the following: Right click on the 4.ink, Properties, and it will show u a ip overwrite it with your local IP.

In the 8.ink you will need to do the same but it will show you 2 ips of, overwrite both of them with your local IP.

Restoring Databases

Restoring Databases: Open Enterprise Manager, select Databases, right click and Create new Database, name it MuOnline, create another one too named Ranking.

You can open Enterprice Manager in Start, All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server, and click Enterprise Manager.

This is how the restore of the databases will be:

Restoring: Right click in MuOnline, All Tasks, Restore Database. Restore as Select From Device, select Devices, Add, ... , then select MuOnline db backs in D:\MuServer\db baks\ and click OK 4 times.

Restoring: Right click in Ranking, All Tasks, Restore Database. Restore as Select From Device, select Devices, Add, ... , then select Ranking db backs in D:\MuServer\db baks\ and click OK 4 times.

Adding ODBC links

Adding ODBC links is pretty easy the only thing u will need to do is to download a .REG file and run it.

This .REG file can be downloaded here.

Getting server Online

Go to D:/MuServer/Links/ and start running all links starting by the first one that is 1.ink, let the link to load first, then go and run the second one, then 3,4,5,6,7,8. You will need to have the 8 links opened so the server can be working.

Connecting to your Server

You will need to have a Launcher, 97d+99 Client. The launcher you may choose any from the releases section.

The 97d+99 Client, can be downloaded here.

If there is any bug telling you need a new version download the correct main, here.

Now open the launcher and Add your Local Ip, and the port 44405.

If anyone have any other question you may reply here, not noob questions, and things related with the Server Setup.


No one is allow to copy this Guide or Publish it anywhere before talking to me.

All credits goes to me: Warrior19 and RaGEZONE

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