[Guide] How to setup 0.99.60T (0.99.62T) [files included]

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[Guide] How to setup 0.99.60T (0.99.62T) [files included]

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You can download 0.99.60T servers files + guide by clicking >HERE< (don't forget to take a look fixes and tips in this post)
Latest patches:

1. Game server (not demo anymore, cracked by Fen$x)

2. Game server with 16 commands by CzF

3. Latest gameserver working with 1.0n (by CzF team)

4. MuServer startup

5. GS working on win2k3



1. Put MuServer folder where you want (etc E:\Muserver\)

2. Use odbc

3. Open sql manager and create 5 dbs: Me_MuOnline, Mu2003_event_data, MuLog, MuOnline, Ranking

4. Restore databases with db backs. Restore dbs to \MuServer\db\

5. Create new user in mssql: Name "MuOnlineAdmin" password "wkfwkRnfRnf" and make him db owner of Me_MuOnline, Mu2003_event_data, MuLog, MuOnline & Ranking dbs (or edit config files with your old sql account).

6. Go to \MuServer\MuOnline\ right click on data folder-> charing and security-> select share this folder on the network (if you can't share folder go to: Start-> control panel-> network connections -> network setup wizard, slect next many times Very Happy and in the end select turn on file and printer sharing) After it go to desktop-> right click My Coputer-> Map network drive-> Select Drive M: and folder: "\\Your computer name\How you named data folder in sharing" or press browse Very Happy With sharing all done, restart your computer.

7. Open \MuServer\Links and edit all links shortcut tags with directories where are your server files

8. Open \MuServer\MeMuOnline\cs and change with your ip in CSConfig.ini

9. With MuAccountCreate.exe create mu account and patch your client with patch (don't forget with hex editor edit CzF.exe, find and change ip to yours [simple hex editor included])

10. Enjoy one of the bests game MuOnline!


Another guides

Guide how to setup web site for v0.99.62T server

Guide using 2.1 MuEdit in 0.99.62T version


Fixes & tips

1. When sharing your data folder (choosing share) also choose allow network users to change my files (i tested and i noticed that without it gameserver still is frozen Very Happy )

2. Ok, i have answer for people that can't create accounst with MuAccountCreate.exe! Go to Start-> control panel-> administravtive tools-> Data Sources (ODBC)-> System dsn, find MuOnlineJoinDb and press remove. After it done use odbc again and all done, you can create accounts Very Happy

3. Solution for people who have problems sharing Data folder:

Originally Posted by xStreamer

just open in notepad write your path to data folder

save, run, & place to autorun (for making M: evry time PC starts or reboot)

Download >bat file< and as xStreamer posted, just press right button-> edit-> edit directory of your data folder-> save-> run file and you have M:\ driver with Data folder files inside Very Happy (for me it's not working after restarting os, but you may try... i use old methot with sharing)

4.People who got error like this:

Error picture


Originally Posted by javaz97
replace your data with http://jz.servegame.com/monster.zip

monster has bug in location

Try using these Monster.txt and MonsterSetBase.txt posted by javaz97

5. Shared data in M: drive should look like this:


6. You can restore databases where you want it be, it doesnt matter Smile

7. If you are getting error MapServerInfo.dat not found (or something like that check ur MapServerInfo.dat, mine:




0 0 0 S127.0.0.1 55901



0 0 30 -1

0 0 31 -1


p.s. change to ur ip

8. this should help to people who has problems with acc creation (password encryption):


Install MD5 for JoinDB to make account encryption. MD5 module is extended save procedure type, so that it can be used on SQL server directly.

i. Host where JoinDB in SQL server installed, open C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Binn\ folder, and then search a patch file named \\MD5_EXSP_DLL\WZ_MD5_MOD.dll, then copy.

1. File Structure

\\MD5_EXSP_DLL\WZ_MD5_MOD.dll : Encryption extended save procedure DLL

\\MD5_EXSP_DLL\UserDefinedFunction.sql : user definition function which help using Encryption of Extended save procedure

\\MD5_EXSP_DLL\readme.txt : Installation of Encryption of extended save procedure

ii. Refer to file \\MD5_EXSP_DLL\readme.txt, install it.

iii. Caution : You MUST install user definition function of \\MD5_EXSP_DLL\UserDefinedFunction.sql on Me_Muonline DB above. (NEVER INSTALL IT ON master DB)

File: Attachment 27334

(not tested, just found in WebZen guides)

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