[Guide] How to setup MUOFFLINE!!!

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[Guide] How to setup MUOFFLINE!!!

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:03 am

If server runs normaly online the read this

I don't know, but i don't find any guide how to play Mu on loopback

But i resolve it, vveerrryyy simply (includ pictures)
1 Connect with your Microsoft Loopback Adapter (on the right)

2 Turn OFF your FireWall (important)

3 Look at your IP , and keep in mind

4 Change the ip in next files with ip that i specified^

In files:__________________________(DO NOT TOUCH PORTS!!!)

d:\muserver\cs\Connectserverlist.dat IP change (not touch the ports 55901 55902)

d:\muserver\cs\data\Connectserverlist.dat - IP only

d:\muserver\cs\data\ServerList.dat - IP only

d:\muserver\cs\data\ServerInfo.dat - IP only (do not touch port : 21)

d:\muserver\data\lang\chs,kor(if is) (all where is the ->)\commonloc.cfg

d:\muserver\data\commonserver.cfg leave the (3 places)

d:\muserver\data\IpList.dat - change the ip

d:\muserver\links\4.lnk and 8.lnk change carefull the ip (do not touch ports)

And the final (i give an example, you need to put yours in, where you seen on Microsoft Loopback Adapter)

C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts - open with notepad and

put under the line localhost

212.312.123.111 212.312.123.111 (the same ip)(understand?)

Now run the links 1----------8 , and then with your client (with launcher!!)

write the ip 212.312.123.111 and port 44405 (it's a ip example,put yours in)

OK, now you can join the game on same computer , with no internet connection or LAN needed, just TEST the game, or people who wants to play ALONE


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