[Guide] To Fix Damage From Sql Injections On Website !

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[Guide] To Fix Damage From Sql Injections On Website !

Post by  on Mon Dec 24, 2007 6:37 am

Ok well recently i got sql injected and it pissed me off so me and my
friend made up a way to fix websites that got sql injected while
players were on it. I am talking about the people online like for some
websites they have an "Online list" that shows what users are on and
how many people are playing. When You get sql injected it messes things
up so when u turn your Gameserver off it still shows 30/100 thats an
example it might be different for you. Even though you turned the
gameserver off and you know there are no players on it still says
30/100 well here is a way to fix it.

Turn off gameserver (its better this way because your stats can still
be wrong if u have players on and set the Connnect stat to zero)

Download Skyteams MuEdit v2.0 alpha
Extract it and then then run it when your done giving your information
on it click on the statistics tab and click the "Show Users List" when
that loads at the bottem you wil see a button that says Set
"ConnectStat = 0" to all click that and then start up your server take
a look at the website it should be 0/100 when u have 0 players Razz

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