[Guide] Mssql database fix for dublicated accounts

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[Guide] Mssql database fix for dublicated accounts

Post by  on Mon Dec 24, 2007 6:46 am

I have datected along time ago about mssql dublicating account creating.
To creat new account need only MEMB_INFO and VI_CURR_INFO records.
Table fiels memb_id is user login. In MEMB_INFO you can creat user with
login name like LOGIN and login. But in VI_CURR_INFO LOGIN and login is
the same. So insert into VI_CURR_INFO will be corupted.
How to fix it ?
Simple using Enterprise Manager. Connect to mssql server using
Enterprise Manager. Open Muonline database. Select "Tables". Then
MEMB_INFO -> Designe Table. Put currsor on memb___id and then press
button near Collation like in first attached img. Then In new window
deselect "Case Sensitive" like in second attached img. If you have
account like USER and user or similar you can get error.

Another way is to select "Case Sensitive" in VI_CURR_INFO database
memb___id then you can creat users like USER, user, User, uSer and so
on. But i dont test it and dont know it wont damage the game.

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