[Guide] Protection using Sygate !

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[Guide] Protection using Sygate !

Post by  on Mon Dec 24, 2007 6:47 am

I think hackers have
the chances of hacking because the servers are not secure. I hope ALL
server's admin got do something so their server won't go down or get
hack from newbie hackers.Let's give the hackers not a single chances to
hack any server!

First: Go to www.download and search for Sygate firewall.
Second: After searching go to download it and install it.
Third: After opening Dataserver 1 and 2.
Fourth: Go to the taskbar search for Sygate Personal Firewall icon.
Fifth: Right click the icon and choose Sygate Personal Firewall.
Six: Search for ??? Dataserver ???? there should be two of them.
Seventh: Right click both of them and block them.
Eighth: It's done.

Note: You could use windows firewall and block dataserver1 and 2 but im
not sure its 100% safe. Don't be lazy:D download the sygate firewall
and let hackers cant hacks those nice server.

Note2: If you want to have your server more secure, you could download
ip changer ( hide your real ip) and port blocker ( block ports but
firewall done the job). One last thing, u could change dataserver1 and
2 port ( example: 55960 change to 54638)

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