[Guide] Why Mu is laggy, slow and DC... !

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[Guide] Why Mu is laggy, slow and DC... !

Post by  on Mon Dec 24, 2007 6:51 am

This goes to newbie in computer system and those who dont know what's goin on in their computer

I would like to share my experience regarding Mu problems during the
game and give some tips for those who still not know why is Mu not
working fine with their PC:
1. Make sure you have the right PC configuration:
required pc: pentium 4-1.5gig or AMD equivalent, 128mb memory, 32mb nvidia agp
*video card, at least 5 gigbyte space of hard disk to make it roomy.

recommended pc: Pentium 4, 2gighz or better, 256MB memory or higher, 128MB AGP
Video Card, a 7200rpm Hard disk with 5 gig space

Note: *Video Card must be installed, it is better than a built-in video controller.

2. Regarding internet connection:
- Dial-up internet is sure will give you a laggy connections (other countries use this
system of internet connection using an internet card then dialing via modem)
- DSL is fine and a real time movement will be experienced, but if you will share your
DSL connection, make sure you use a DSL Router for a good and dedicated

note: DSL connection is using a DSL Modem passing through your LAN card to make a
connection to the internet and Dial-up internet is using a modem card which is
too much slow connection (DSL minimum connection 256kbps compared to
56kbps of a Dial-up internet).

Hope this will help you know better about your computer setup.

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