[Guide] How to make a WoW server

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[Guide] How to make a WoW server

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Ok lets get started. First you'll need to download the following files

sqlyog - to manage your mysql. link - sqlyog
the wow client - self explanatory. link - client
ad.exe - used to extract maps. link - ad.rar
dbc extractor - extracts dbc files from client. link - dbc_extract
mangos core - obviously the main component. link - mangos cores
udb - the database. link - udb database
note: you have to make an account to get.
mysql - needed for db - link mysql
vmap extract - extracts vmaps from client - link vmap_extract
I'd host these files myself but I have dialup lolz.

first extract the mangos core just so we can put stuff in it as we go.

ok second we will extract the dbc files by copying the dbc extractor files (not folder) into
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\data\enUS
for more help with this read the readme in the dbc extractor folder.
when its done you should see a dbc folder and copy it into your mangos core folder.

next we need maps. server will not work without them. so first we add a folder in our wow client
called maps (so original) and copy ad.exe into the wow folder (not the maps folder). Run ad.exe
and it will extract all the maps. when its finished copy the maps folder and add it to the
mangos folder.

NEW: Now this is optional so if you want it feel free to do it.
How to install Vmaps. Download the vmap extractor in the download list
at the top of this guide. Extract it and place all of its files into
your wow client folder. Run makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat and it will start to
extract them from your client. Note: this will take a very long time to
do. When it is finally finished copy the new vmaps folder from the
client to your mangos folder.

Now that we have the dbc files and maps we need the mysql database software installed.
when you install mysql almost any settings will work for it just make sure you remember your
password if you set one. i recomend making the name and pass both root.

Ok now to add the database to mysql. install sqlyog and run the program. It should ask you
to put in some details on first run. in the mysql host address box simply put in localhost or both work the same. put in the name and password you set for mysql in the next
fields and click connect. nothing needs to go into the database field.

next we need to load the udb database into it. right click on NAME@localhost and click create
database and name it realmd. After you've got that done right click on it and click on restore
from sql dump and open realmd.sql found inside your mangos file folder. now create another
database the same way only name it mangos and restore it from the database found in your udb
files. remember that file you downloaded from udbforums.org those ones.
Also you will need to do the same for the characters.sql found in your mangos folder and
name it characters.

Now to configure your mangos so that it will know how to read the databases, use the maps,
and run. So first open up your Mangos.conf file and find mangos.
DataDir = "@prefix@/share/mangos"
and instead of "@prefix@/share/mangos" make it just " " so that it is blank.

It should end up looking like this
# Data directory setting.
# Important: DataDir needs to be quoted, as it is a string which may
# contain space characters.
DataDir = ""

This will enable it to find the maps and vmaps folder to use.

After that we now move on to configuring for the database. While still in mangos.conf find

LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;mangos;realmd"
WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;mangos;mangos"
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;mangos;characters"
and change it to look like

LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;"your mysql name";"your mysql pass";realmd"
WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;"your mysql name";"your mysql pass";mangos"
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;"your mysql name";"your mysql pass";characters"

now save and exit mangos.conf and open up realmd.conf
All you need to do for this conf file is find

LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;mangos;realmd"
and set it up how you did with the last 3 for mangos.conf
After you have that all set. Your done configuring everything and your ready to run it for
yourself. Read on to learn how to make your server public for use on the internet.

Ok now onto how to make it public. first you need to forward ports 8085 and 3724.
to learn how to port forward go to the website of your router and find out. ok now gets the
part many people often get confused with and that is configuring your database for public
use. Open up sqlyog again and go to your realmd database. Look at the picture for how to
modify it.

when you see the data
modify mangos to your servers name
modify the address to your external ip (go to whatismyip.com to find your ip)
thats all you need to modify.
now you should be able to have people outside your router play on your server.
Note: make sure you click the save button above the server name or it wont work.
For LAN just make the ip your computers LAN ip.

Now if you want a website for account creation download this from

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