[Guide] LAN&WAN Server with NonPassthrough Router

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[Guide] LAN&WAN Server with NonPassthrough Router

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:07 am

Yes... it is possible with any router, be it Passthrough or non passthrough!

I have Lan & Wan Working... and in lan.. is really really fast!

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I will help you... post here your error...

PLEASE... ONLY ROUTER CONFIG... Muserver errors i will not solve


Ok... this guide is not complete...
you should see others guide... until this point!

I presume that you are stucked in a point where... or you have lan... or you have Wan!
This guide... will help you from here!
-> Uninstall Loopback (Wtf is that Razz)
-> If you tested Wan sucessfully, it means that you had already
defined the PORTS in you router... so i am not going to remind that
-> now... even if you a have a fixed ip, go to No-ip..or dyndns and register a name > ex: mu.no-ip.com
-> In the server put all your *list.dat files with that ip (ex:
mu.no-ip.com) except in data/commonserver.dat where you will put (didn't know why.. but only worked that way!)
-> In server open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts and add
below localhost ->[b]192.168.0.x (your lan Ip) mu.no-ip.com
-> goto your lan clients and also add that line -> ->[b]192.168.0.x (your lan Ip) mu.no-ip.com

you're done...use mu.no-ip.com in the links, and in the lan clients and wan clients

I read all the guides in here... this has a new thing... uses 3 or 4
things that where in separeted guides... I put 3 servers working...
with 3 diferent routers... and they are not Passthrough

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