Comenzi GM/Admin for KalOnline.

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Comenzi GM/Admin for KalOnline.

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Aceasta este lista comenzilor .[Numai pentru admini sau gm]


/get - Inventory Item

/move - tksid

/port - User Porting

/tksid <id>

/notice - Writes Notice

/hide - invisible 50%

/levelup - makes you up 1 level

/getexp - add exp <ammount>

/info - playerinfo

/active - active player on server

/addcp - add contribution

/addmp - add manapoints

/addhp - add hppoints

/addatk - add attackpoints

/adddef - add defpoints

/snow - snow event on

/event - add event

/eventoff - all events off

/eventon - all events on

/rage - add rage

/rageexp - add rageexp

/egggrade - upgrade egg 11 / 21 / 31

/resetquest - same

/finishquest - complete quest

/addquest - add quest nr

/queen - summon

/nest - summon

/lord - summon

/return - return to a portstone

/block - block player

/unblock - unblock player

/kick - kick player

/castleinfo - info about castle and tax

/resetlevel - level to <level>

/guildexp - add guildexp

/maxuser - dont know xD

/shutdown - close server.. only server admin can


Inca una mai completa si mai explicita:

/portuser <name>

--Recalls a player.

/get <itemid> <prefix> <amount>

--Creates a bounded cheat item in your inventory.


--Shows a notice.


--Hide yourself from everyone.


--Level up by 1.

/getexp <amount>

--Increase your EXP by <amount>.

/info <name>

--Shows only you in order in notice: UID/PID/Class/Level of the player.

/kick <name>

--Kicks a player.

/rage <amount>

--Set your rage to <amount>.

/move <mobid>

--Teleports to closest monster specified by <mobid>.

/gposition <specid>

--Set your government position.

/storage <playername> <itemid> <prefix> <amount>

--Creates a normal item in <playername>'s storage.

/resetlevel <level>

--Sets your level to level

/guildexp <amount>

--Increases your guild's EXP.

/egggrade <grade>

--Set your egg's grade to grade. (Only 11, 21, 31, and 40 can be used)

/rageexp <amount>

--Add rage to your current rage by <amount>.


--Tells about the castle and the tax.


--Shows all active players on the server.


--Closes the server. Only server admins can use this.

/addcp <amount>

--Adds contribution points by <amount>.

/addmp <amount>

--Increase MP limit on your character by <amount>.

/addhp <amount>

--Increase HP limit on your character by <amount>.

/addatk <amount>

--Increase max and min physical damage by <amount>.

/adddef <amount>

--Increase defense by <amount>.


--Turns on snow event.


--Turns on a specific event.

;0 ------- Double EXP.

;1 ------- Dice Event

;2 ------- ??? Event

;3 ------- Sponsor Event

;4 ------- ??? Event

;5 ------- ??? Event

;6 ------- Snow Event


--Turns off all event.


--Turns on all event.


--Restarts your current quest.


--Complete your current quest.

/addquest <questid>

--Obtain a quest.


--Summon Demon Queen.

/nest - summon

--Summon Demon Nest


--Summon Doggebi Lord


--Teleports to the nearest "Stone of Return" monument.

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