[Guide] To Make 97d+99items Server + Website

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[Guide] To Make 97d+99items Server + Website

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:09 am

First Some Questions

1. does this guide support router ?? = NO

2. can i make a server with C:/ Drive = Yes but this guide does not support that

NOW THE GUIDE ..................

..::Setup SQL & MuServer::..

..::SQL Server::..

First of all download Microsoft SQL Server 2000 here!

After u will download it open SQLEVAL.exe and extract it to C:\SQLEVAL , after finishing extracting

go to C:\SQLEVAL and open autorun.exe

After open it select this shits!

Open SQL Server 2000 Components or Alt+C

After open Install Database Server or Alt+S

Press next 8 times and select Mixed Mode there put your password for "sa" user

And next till finish!

Go to Start>Programs>Microsoft SQL Server>Service Manager And start SQL it should appear a computer with a red ">"

When u do this go to Start>Programs>Microsoft SQL Server>Enterprise Manager

Open that 3 shits by using click to "+" and go to database , use the right click and create new database , name it MuOnline and press on it right click All Tasks > Restore Database select "From device" and type the button Add

there will appear File name and a free space There select "...."

And go to D:\MuServer (Guide how to set MuServer) > db baks > MuOnline , press ok and go to Options there select "Force restore over existing database" and OK

Same shit u do with Ranking database ( Create new one and restore it who's at MuOnline , there at D:\MuServer\db baks select Ranking not MuOnline )


Download MuServer 97d+99Here

Password is riflemorre ( u will understand when u will try to extract ShadowMu.rar

Extract the MuServer in D:\

And it need to be named MuServer (D:\MuServer)

U will need to change the the ip from :







D:\MuServer\Links\4 & 8 (Edit the IP's)


Edit in D:\MuServer\MU2003_EVENT_SERVER\DATA\svconfig.ini

Modify in mu2003_pass = to mu2003_pass = ur sa password (Example : mu2003_pass = kakas )

same as in D:\MuServer\RankingServer\svconfig.ini

After u finish this shits u need ODBC.reg here!

Set this in D:\MuServer\ODBC.reg

And open it

After go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Data Sources (ODBC)

Open it and go to System DNS press "Add" and Select "SQL Server" and press "Finish"

Name : MuOnline

Description :

Server (What user u set in SQL to login) and "next"

Select With SQL Server authentification using a login ID and password entered by user.

Set there login "sa" and password for user "sa"

Then "Next" and set Database MuOnline

after "Finish" or "Next" i dun remember and "Test Data Source" and cancel



First of all download AppServ Here

Choose one of mirrors install in what folder u want Select only PHP & Apache and dont start them

Download FragFrog Webpackage 2.0 Here

Go to (Folder where u set the AppServ it is normally to C:\AppServ) open folder www .. delete all shits

And extract FragFrog Webpackage there

Open config.htpasswd and edit there

When u finish go to C:\WINDOWS\php.ini and fin ;extension=php_mssql.dll remove the ";" and find mssql.secure_connection = Off , Remove "Off" and set On it should be mssql.secure_connection = On save and go to folder of AppServ to www and read READ_THIS_FIRST.txt (Read there for TopPlayers working and Download MuResetChars2004 !!!! for AutoReset)

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