[Guide] Setting up a Conquer Online Server [Old]

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[Guide] Setting up a Conquer Online Server [Old]

Post by  on Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:21 pm

This guide is for the CoEmu release, NOT the XSCO release.

Well after finally getting the Conquer Online server to work, I've decided I was going to make a guide. The CO server files are no where near completed and are being worked on by CoEmu, so don't complain about buggy files or posting why something isn't in the server because most likely it hasn't been coded in yet.

Router Users
Make sure you forward ports 5432, 5861, and 9958!

Required Files

PostgreSQL 8.2

Download and install the above two programs. Make sure you remember the
password you used while installing PostgreSQL, or you won't be able to connect to the database later.

Download the server files from here. These files are not the source, they are the built version of the source.

Download the database backup from here.

Setting up the Server


Go into your C: drive and make these folders;

Once you created these folders, right click on COFullDB, go to properties and share it with full access.

Run PGAdmin and create a server named Conquer. Use the username and password you used when installing PostgreSQL 8.2.

Right click Databases under the Conquer server, create a database named
Conquer, right click it and click Restore. Click "..." and browse for
the backup.

Click OK and you should get this at the end of the query;
WARNING: errors ignored on restore: 1

Process returned exit code 1.
Click "Cancel".

Press the + next to the Conquer database. Press the + next to Schemas.
Press the + next to Public. Press the + next to tables. Right click the
"Servers" table and click "View Data". Put your server name and your
IP. Save and close.

Your database is now ready!

Server Files

Extract the server files and go into the Config.ini file. Make sure it looks like this;

DBname= username
Password= password


User name you used to install the PostgreSQL server.
Password you used to install the PostgreSQL server
Your IP


Get the client here.

Go into the client and open server.dat and edit it to this;



Adding Accounts

Go into the Conquer database and go to the tables. Right click the Accounts table and click View Data.

Put your account name here. DO NOT put the password. Leave all the
other fields blank. The password for the account will be set when you
login. If you put a password here, you will fail to connect to the
gameserver when you try to login.


[size=9]The commands for the server may be found in the attachment on this post.

To be able to use all of the commands, go into the account table, and
on your account set the flags colum from 0 to 8. This will make your
account a GM account.

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