[List + Topsite] Conquer Online Servers

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[List + Topsite] Conquer Online Servers

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// I'm not going to take the time to update the list on this post so
// a good idea would be to go to [Private MMORPG Servers Toplist]
// and add your server there.

Since the amount of Conquer Online servers is fairly low, I've decided
to make a list of the servers. If you know of a server, one that is
actually online, then reply to this thread with a link to the server.
Please don't spam this thread and check to see if a server has already
been added to the list before posting. When you post a server, try to
add a description along with it. Look at the list to see what I am
talking about. If you have a description for a server or would like to
add to a previous one, post a new version of your description with what
you added in bold.


Wesite: Here
Description: XSCO
is the server that the XSCO emulator is being developed on. Its pretty
obvious; If you want to find out how the XSCO emulator project is doing
on developing the emulator then you should play here.


Website: Here
Description: Qonquer, or QO was the first Conquer private server. QO is reaching beta stages and will probably be the first full Conquer private server.


Website: Here
Description: None.

CO 2.1

Website: Here
Description: None.

CO-Est X
Website: Here
Description: None.


Website: Here
Description: None.

COWS v3: Conquer Online War Server (COWS)
Qonquer: Qonquer - CO Server Emulator Project
CO 2.1: Board Message
XSCO: Board Message
CO-Est X: CO-Est X (Powered by Invision Power Board)
CoEMU [NV]: :: Index

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