Guide for EO server

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Guide for EO server

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The Guide

  1. make sure you have at least 1GB ram!!!
  2. extract server files wherever you like rar password is phdev ?0g55n9biw9l

  3. install mysql 4 or 5
  4. set 'test' as root password in you mysql configuration wizard
  5. Extract files from data.rar to mysql installation directory(C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server XX\data)
  6. copy your whole installed english client to whenever you like(english 1079 reported to be the best).
  7. Remove those lines from (eudemons client dir - usualy c:\program files\eudemons online)\ini\GameSetUp.ini:
    and create (eudemons client dir)\ini\oem.ini (example here):
    ; maybe something else can be here?


    URL=http://whatever you like.txt

    Link=http://whatever you like.txt



    replace SERVERNAME-CHANGETHIS with desired server name(no spaces)
    and insert your server name in those server files:

    (server dir)\ACCServer\config.ini -> edit GAMESERVER, SERVERNAME
    (server dir)\ACCServer\account.ini -> edit SERVERNAME
    (server dir)\GameServer\shell.ini -> edit GAMESERVER
    (server dir)\GameServer\config.ini -> edit GAMESERVER
    case of server names must match in all config files!
  8. execute
    this under mysql command line client, navicat, sqlyog, etc..(command
    line client can be found in start->programs->mysql
    server->mysql command line)
    (remember that password is 'test')
    SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('test');
    ALTER TABLE `account`.`account` MODIFY COLUMN `password` VARCHAR(32) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL;
    insert into account.account (name,password,reg_date) values ('test','53b6320eb06e2c62888a6d1739cd24bd',now());
    grant all on account.* to 'ODBC'@'localhost';
    grant all on my.* to 'ODBC'@'localhost';
    this will:

    • set 'old-fashioned' mysql password
    • change column password to 32 character varchar.
    • create new EO account 'test' with password 'test'
    • insert mysql user ODBC, which will eliminate annoying messages when running AccountServer

  • run the server(first ACCServer\AccountServer.exe, then GameServer\MsgServer.exe then GameServer\NPCServer.exe)
  • try to run your modified client and login with user test password test
  • to run game without autopatching, create file RUN.cmd in your EO client dir with contents:
    @soul.exe blacknull

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