Eudemons Online Section Forum Rules !

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Eudemons Online Section Forum Rules !

Post by  on Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:47 pm

Welcome to the Eudemons Online Section Forum
Rules. Please take time you read, and view over the following Forum
Rules. As if you break one of these, you will be punished for it.

The Eudemons Online Section Forum Rules are as follows:

1). No Advertising - Advertising is only done in the "Advertisement" Section !

2). No Double Posting - Double posting is definitly not allowed. Make sure you use the EDIT instead of making a new post

3). English Only - This forums is ENGLISH ONLY. Us moderators have to moderate, and without you speaking in English we can't moderate correctly.

If you want to do a translation like so:

Spanish: Hola

English: Hi

That is definitly allowed, just make sure you remember to do that translation - it should always include two parts.

4). No Flaming - Flaming will NOT be tolerated in the Eudemons Online Section, and if it is found that you're Flaming/Insulting Other Member(s) you will be Infracted without any phyiscal warning

5). No Spam - Spamming is not allowed in the Eudemons Online Section. Make sure you're always on topic. Posting something like " -.- " is not on topic, and will be considered as spam.

6). No Trolling/Spam Botting
- If you have a rather LOW ammount of posts, and you come to this forum MMORG ZONE in general and you begin to start drama such as " MZ SUCKS "
you will be punshed as a Rule Violation, as this is in the rules.

you come here to start trouble; Spamming links, & adveritsing you
will be punshed as a Spambot depending how much in depth your post is.

7). Search
- Search function is now active and running so that means it's a must
that you use it. If something you ask for is already posted with an
answer/conclusion you will be told to search.

Cool. Let the Moderators Moderate - Show of Authority is basically "Let the Moderators Moderate" if we see you posting things like
in the right section - this thread WILL be closed" or something around
that nature you will most definitly be Infracted with Show Of Authority

If you don't follow the rules you will be Warned/Infracted/Banned from MMORG ZONE depending on your situation

We hope you clearly understand the Eudemons Section Rules, and obey them!

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