[Guide] Making 1.02d Gs not crash by MSSQL 2000

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[Guide] Making 1.02d Gs not crash by MSSQL 2000

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:10 am

[Guide] Making 1.02d Gs not crash by MSSQL 2k

well, i was studying mssql when i suddenly found a way to fix the 1.02d GS instability so, there it is:

1 - close gs and your mu server

2 - open MSSQL 2k

3 - open your MuOnline DB

4 - go tables

5 - create a new table called GSTAB

6 - right click it with mouse

7 - press design table

8 - create three collumns

9 - the first one called SvNb (its data type is smallint and its default value is (1) )

10 - the second one called SvNam (its data type is nvarchar)

11 - and the last one is CharID (datatype is varchar)


13 - exit editing the table and save your changes

14 - now, right click it again press open table and return all rows

15 - click on the first row and put 1 in the SvNb collumn

16 - click on the second collumn and type your server name

17 - click on the third collumn and write STABLEGS

18 - exit this panel

19 - use any kind of editor or account creator to create an account called STABLEGS with any password

20 - login to your mu with this account and create a character (any kind, any name, just to create MSSQL log)

20 - open MSSQL again and find the tables again

21 - right click the MEMB_STAT table

22 - click on open table

23 - click on return all rows

24 - find STABLEGS in the memb___id table and set its ConnectStat to 1

25 - well, we finished, but anyway, whenever you boot your computer you will have to go to this table and set STABLEGS account's ConnectStat to 1

This worked with me and im running my gs for 3 weeks

i hope it will help you guys

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