GunZ Online Dev Section Rules

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GunZ Online Dev Section Rules

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1.) No Double Posting , Spaming.
2.) No Posting Warez or anything related.
3.) Do not post your servers here !
4.)Before posting your probleme, Please use the search button to check if it's been answered.
5.) Do not boss mods around by saying "Mod Close this" Or "Mods Infract Him"
6.) Do not post GunZ Hacks here, because you will get banned.
8.) Use the report button for bad threads
9.) Do not ask for specific help on a specific server because this is for Development.
10.) DO NOT SAY "Here is my msn contact me threw it" Just answer the thread.
11.) Dont Post responces like "Lol"
12.) If you have an error with your server or client post an log file !!
13.) Incase you double posted by accident, edit your first or second post to something like
"Sorry, I double posted. Please delete it."
14.) Only tell people to contact you in msn when you cant fix it over the forum.
Us mods will determine whether it is fixable over the forum or not.
15.) NO Advertisements.
16.) NO Flaming.

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