[Guide] Offline Mu NO Ethernet PORT/Switch needed !

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[Guide] Offline Mu NO Ethernet PORT/Switch needed !

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:16 am

We all know all those different kind's of setting-up Server !

which both of them need/uses LAN IP w/ the Help of Ethernet PORT/Switch

But this time !
U dont need to have Ethernet PORT/Switch just to Play OFFLINE One !
You just need to extend the capacity/resources of Ur Existing PC Machine !

Follow those Exisisting Guides Seen here (RaGEZONE).
but This time few changes must be follow !


U need to use two separate IP to HOST Ur Mu-Offline
QA: Why ?
reason: coz Server needs enough time/separate IP parse all its data !

configure another localhost IP in ur

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts localhost localhost => add this line

and used this as ur secondary IP ! ( )
instead of using LAN or WAN IP !
& this is Ur Client Connection too !

no need to used lan if U dont have Ethernet PORT/Switch ==> as in Totaly Offline !

Be sure have enough Memory !
and set the full capacity of Ur Virtual Memory to 4,000 to 4,000 !
just enough to parse ur server data !

2nd Notes:

Yes you can use local host alone !

But most of the TEST Run done using any type of Version !

such as 97d +99 , CT99B+ , CT99B+1.0 , v1.01E !

Most of them RUNs the Server w/ no error !
but when You tried to LOG-IN problem arises !
theres no LOG-IN server !

Specially when Your Running a Very LOW End CPU !

the Server doesnt have enough space to parse all data using Only 1 IP !

Most Servers Only Supports Very High End CPU ! if you realy wish to used 1 IP !

like in the Philippines most them still uses LOW Grade CPU !
they cant throw it away for they cant afford yet to Buy new One!

That is why Im giving an Option for these LOW End Users that doesnt have guts to BUY A very High End Machine !

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