[Guide] Running 2 Separate GameServer Using 1 Database

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[Guide] Running 2 Separate GameServer Using 1 Database

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:19 am

This is very useful for 2 sets of gameserver sharing 1database but having different configuration like xp.

1. Gameserver has all the items in shop and with high experience (VIP)
2. Has shitty Experience and with no good items on shop (Public)

You'll need

1. Two PC
2. Two Sets of muserver

On the first PC setup everything as you would do setting up a normal
server. then on the second gameserver setup everything normally as well
except ODBC of muonline/ranking those you will have to set to the ip
address of your 1st server.

after that run both servers. you will have two gameserver with
different configs but will share the same database. it wont show as a
subserver on your server list.

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