>>>Guide on - Running Remote Servers<<<

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>>>Guide on - Running Remote Servers<<<

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Well, first of all I suggest you download Microsoft SQL.
If you are going to run remote, installing the client version of SQL is enough.

1. On the server configure its Networking Configuration (right click server and properties in Enterprise Manager)
2. Enable TCP/IP and specify a port. (properties of TCP/IP) (REMEMBER THE PORT NUMBER)
3. Then click the Active Directory tab, Add the server to Active server directory.
4. Click to Security Tab - select SQL Server and Windows for Authentication
5. Make sure there is an "sa" account in the Users section. It is there by default, change the password to whatever you like.

1. Install the SQL Client
2. Open SQL Server Client Network Utility
3. Enable TCP/IP, in properties change the port to the one you specified on SERVER.
4. Go to Alias, click Add -
Server Alias (name for server) eg. MU
Server Name (server IP) eg. abc.no-ip.com
Port Number (should be the port you specified earlier)
5. Click OK and head on to Enterprise Manager
6. Add a new server, select the <Server name> you have made in Server Alias of the network utility.
7. Use SQL login and use the "sa" account with the password you have made.
It should connect successfully and it will show the database files.

Make the appropriate ODBCs to have server-client communication in other programs.
Theres another guide for adding ODBC so go search for it.

Once its done, if you want to use MU Editor REMOTELY
OPEN the DNS.ini file in the directory.
User= sa
Password = <the one you made> eg. abcdefg

Save and close the file, MU Editor will now work!

If you want to run WEBSERVER REMOTELY (like my private server),
in conn/config files for the site, you may type in "MU" (or if you made
another name in Server Alias, use that) for server address ($dbhost).
It should locate the server automatically.

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