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Haven't tried this myself , this guide was originally posted by some
korean, whose name is forgotten at this point. I'll find his name and
edit it into the post soon as possible.

First this is the Korean setup guide for korean people
****Kor guide post****

그안에 6개의 폴더와 1개의 텍스트, 1개의 레지리스트가 생깁니다.

그럼 이제 본격적으로 서버구축작업에 들어가보죠.

맨 첫번째 폴더(鑒앴욋구룀)안에 보시면 EVER과 NewMuHonGame라는 파일이 있죠?

SQL엔터프라이즈 여시구 파일 이름과 똑같이 DB를 만듭니다.

그리구 복원 작업 해주시면 되구요.

엔터프라이즈에서 보안들어가신후에 로그인들어가셔서 새로그인을 하나 만드는데요.

아이디는-NewMuhon 비번도 NewMuhon 하시구요.

기본값에서 데이터베이스 그냥 NewMuHonGame선택하시구요.

데이터베이스 액세스에서 EVER와NewMuHonGame선택해주시구 db_owner선택해주십시요.

Login Server폴더에 config.ini가 있죠?

그곳에 아이피 적는곳이 있는데 자신의 아이피로 바꾸어주세요.

맨첨에 보셨던 레지리스트 파일있죠? chinamuhon.reg 이거 추가시키시구요.

시작->실행 눌러서 regedit.exe 들어가신 후에


MuhonServer폴더와 GameServer폴더가 있는데요.

그폴더들 안에 있는 DBManagerIP와 GameServerIP의 아이피를

모두 자신의 아이피로 싹다 바꾸어 주시면 됩니다.

마지막으로 ODBC 설정 해야되는데요.

NewMuHonBillingㅡ>EVER DB와 연결해주시구요.

NewMuHonGameㅡ>NewMuHonGame DB와 연결해주시면 됩니다.

Download the file which will be posted by me (a new server file with maps and etc)

1)Once you unrar/zip whtever u use

*you'll see a new folder named Muhon

2) there will be a 6 folders, 1 registry file, and 1 text file in it.

3) first folder which you see (鑒앴욋구룀), if you look inside this folder,
you'll see a files named "EVER" and "NewMuHonGame" Open the SQL enterprise menager and add db with the same name.

4) restore these dbs to rightful path.

5) Inside Enterprise menager, there'll be a "Security settings" and you
go under "Login" and you'll be able to make a "new login account"

For new login account. ID -> NewMuhon Pass->NewMuhon

-> default values under the new database should be set to NewMuHonGame

-> for "database acess permission" choose EVER and NewMuHonGame than click db_owner

(sorry guys, i do not understand this part that well, i do not hav a
korean version of sql. I hope you guys know wht his talking about)

6) back to your Muhon folder (the server folder), under "Login Server"
folder you'll see config.ini. open it up with a txt, than change the ips to your curren ip adress.

7) in the first folder you go into , you'll see chinamuhon.reg . update this to ur registry.

Cool Under "Start" click Run..., than type regedit.exe.

9) Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Uzdream . Once you get into this
folder you'll see "MuhonServer" folder and "GameServer" folder. in
these folders you'll find "DBManagerIP" and "GameServerIP" . From each
of these files change the ALL IPs to your current ip adress.

10) now for the odbc settings.

Add "NewMuHOnBilling" (service type sql) and choose "EVER DB"

than add "NewMuHonGame" and for db use "NewMuHonGame DB"

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