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[L2 Freya] L2MMO3D

Post by noobschooler on Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:06 am


here a link to L2mmo3d system folder

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L2MMO3D is a new 30x PVP server with Armor and Weapons up to A grade in the Item mall then Craft only after that.

Feature list
30x xp
20x drop
100x adena
25x spoil
Enchant Rates
Max Enchant
Weapon +20
Armor +20
Jewels +20
Safe Enchant +6
Scroll Enchant Success
Weapon Success Rate 75%
Armor Success Rate 75 %
Jewel Success Rate 75 %
Blessed 85%
Custom Buffer-4 hour buffs
Custom Item mall up to A grade
Custom Class Manager
Custom Gk
Global Gk
Prize Trader
Other Features
Auto Learn Skills
LvL 80+ Skills
Banking System
Reaper Mobs
Max subclass level 85
Leveling Zone
Farming Zone
TVT event every hour
Spawn Protection 15s
Recipe Shop
and much more..

L2mmo3d is Updated constantly and has more working features then other server Come give our server a try you will see its a great place for you and all your friends to enjoy.

see you on the server


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