[Guide] Server Lan + Intenet

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[Guide] Server Lan + Intenet

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:27 am

Before everything

You must enter www.no-ip.com
creates an IP for you in the maximum 4 characters
Mu**.no-ip.info (.com, .net .byz) will choose its preferred one



D: ou C: \musever\cs
configures ips of this archive with its local IP that in the case is ""


D: ou C:\muserver\data\IpList.dat

configures with its no-IP Example "mu**.no-ip.com"

D: ou C:\muserver\data\lang\chs\commonloc.cfg
configures with LAN ip
[ConnectServerInfo] IP = (lan ip) PORT = 55557
[GameServerInfo] ClientExeVersion = Sua versao ClientExeSerial = (your Serial) LootingTime = 10
makes same thing with the archive : D: ou C:\muserver\data\lang\kor\commonloc.cfg

Link 4(JoinServer)
D: or C:\MuServer\JoinServer\JoinServer.exe /p55970 /ca( LAN ip ) /cp55557


Link 8(GameServer)
D: or C:\MuServer\GameServer\GameServer.exe (LAN ip) 55970 ( LAN ip) 55960 55901

Now you will have edit the following archive with the "Note Block":
c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host localhost ( LAN ip) (your no-ip)

You need chance modify in all machines in your LAN

Opens your Server and Ready!!
Server Router+Internet!

for connect in ur server u needed enter wich ur local ip!

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