[AD] DarkHydra Season 6 | Exp: 9999x | Drop: 80% |

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[AD] DarkHydra Season 6 | Exp: 9999x | Drop: 80% | Empty [AD] DarkHydra Season 6 | Exp: 9999x | Drop: 80% |

Post by varcush on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:19 pm

DarkHydra Mu Online Custom Season 6


Exp: 9999x
Drop: 80%
BB: off
Stats: 65000
Points: 5/6(Marlon Quest)/7
Keep Stats: Yes
Grand Reset: 100 Resets(win 1000 Credits)
Vote Reward: Yes

Jewel: bless, life, creation in shop
New Boxes others than box of kundum(Purple, Green, Red, GM Boxes)
New Items drop from new boxes(Purple, Green, Red, GM Boxes)
Item Mace of King Added

Item Ancient+Excelent+Socket Added

Full Socket Upgrade
380 Upgrade
JOH options Upgrade
Add Excellent Options
Add +15 Level
Change Your Items To Different Looking Items
Change Socket Combination

Chaos machine: 100%

3 Subservers

Custom Events
Castle Siege
Blood Castle
Golden Invasion
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Blue Event
CryWolf Defense
Sky Event
Illusion Temple
Halloween Event
Happy Hour Event
White Wizard Invasion
Imperial Event
Medusa Event
PK Event
Drop Event
Hide & Seek Event


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