Mu NoMercy [S6 Ep3 | 18x | 40%]

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Mu NoMercy [S6 Ep3 | 18x | 40%] Empty Mu NoMercy [S6 Ep3 | 18x | 40%]

Post by Vedder on Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:37 am

Name: Mu NoMercy Slow
Web: (website isn't ready yet)
Facebook: Mu NoMercy
Exp: x18
Drop: 40%
Bless Bug: Off
Reset: Lvl 400 (300 points per reset)
Spots: 4/5 mobs.
ON: 24/7 (Host in EEUU, files IGC Premium)
Events: All
Castle Siegue: Working 100%
Master Tree: Working 100%
Anticheat: ON

OPEN: 27th september 22hs Argentina! Check time -->

Free vip and Daemon for all the first days

GM events.

In our last server we reached 400 online, now we want 600!

For each post of the server info in forums you'll win 5Wcoins, please comment with the links so we can confirm the advertisement!


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