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Post by TheAnnatar on Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:35 am

Greetings to all MMORPG members. I proudly announce that the process of GameXNetwork's Season 2 MU Online Gaming experience is online.
The Server Statistics are as written below.

Server Version :1.02
Server Exp: 50x
Drop :60x
Excellent Drop Rate : 1/180
Max Level : 400
Max Reset: 10

You can reset between levels 370 to 400 and you will get the same points of the level you resetted.

Blood Castle : On
Chaos Castle : On
Devil Square : On
Event Of Balgrass : On
Event Of Nightmare: 24 Hours
Golden Invasion : 2 Hours
White Wizard : 1 Hours
Illision Of Kundum: Stand by
Kundum Of Kalima6 : 6 Hours
Castle Siege: Stand by


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