MU versus | ex702 | Exp Rate 30x , Master Exp. 15x | Drop Ra

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MU versus | ex702 | Exp Rate 30x , Master Exp. 15x | Drop Ra Empty MU versus | ex702 | Exp Rate 30x , Master Exp. 15x | Drop Ra

Post by boyebs on Sat Feb 22, 2014 7:17 pm

Welcome to MU VERSUS.

Our aim is to be unique and offer you MU experience you can't get anywhere else.
Server is long-termination, dedicated & DDoS protected, no reset with medium ratings.
Are you tired of these hundreds of servers and want true PvP and PvM experience?
Then you have come to the right place.

What's so special about MU VERSUS?
Free gift pack for newcomers!
[1 Day] Seal of Healing
[1 Day] Pet Panda
[7 Day] Small Wings
Private Anti-Cheat designed specially for our server
99% Server uptime, 1% left for server Maintenances
Happy hour event each day for 1 hour with increased experience & drop rate
Goblin Points can be earned by staying online so you can buy Jewels, Box of Kunduns & buffs
Offline trade system using Vote coins (sell items while PC is on shut down mode??) - more? click here
Max item level is +15+16 for more realistic dueling & hunting experience
Fully working Cash Shop with reduced prices using Vote, Premium & Goblin coins
No overpowered donators, no sets & weapons can be bought at all, NO FO SETS!
No overpowered excellent ancient & excellent socket items!
Customized & balanced Event rewards
GMO like New Golden System with more balanced and realistic Box of Kundun & boss drops...
Detailed information:
Version: eX702 Plus
Server type: no reset, PvP & PvM
Experience rate: 30x
Master experience rate: 15x.
Item drop rate: 20%.
Excellent item drop rate: 1/200
Chaos machine rates: GMO like
Jewel success rates: GMO like
Monster spots: custom balanced spots
Phantom Soldier buff max level: 220
Phantom Soldier quests: active
Magic Gladiator create level: 220
Dark Lord create level: 250
Summoner create level: 50
Rage Fighter create level: 150
Mu helper system: from level 1
Information about golden invasions:
Fully functional new Golden Dragon system
Golden Invasions are every 3 hours
GMO like Box of Kundun drops
For more information about the new Golden Dragon system click here
Some extra customizations:
Customized Silver medallion drops
* Rewards: from +5 to +10 level; up to +12 option; up to fourth sets/weapons
Customized Gold medallion drops
* Rewards: from +6 to +11 level; up to +12 option; up to sixth sets/weapons
Customized Heart of Love drops
* Rewards: from +4 to +9 level; up to +12 option; up to second sets/weapons
* Chance to receive Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Chaos
* Heart of Love drop rate increased
Customized Blood Castle
* Rewards: jewels; up to count 2 per completed event
* Blood Castle level 6-8 chance to get blue feather
* Blood Castle monsters damage reduced by 20%
Customized Acheron monsters drops
* Increased chance to get Pentagram items
* Increased change to get mix ingredients
Customized all shops
* 3 HP/15 MANA Potions per stack only;
* Guardian of Angel, Alcohol, Remedy of Love, Siege Potion, Event tickets
* Sets up to Dragon, Guardian, Legendary, Ancient, Sacred Fire, Atlans
* Highest rank set options: +0+0+Luck
Customized Chaos Castle rewards
* CC ancient reward rate is 50%

Cash Shop integration:
Donations are accepted only via PayPal & rewarded with premium coins (aka Coin (P)).
Get same advantages as premium using Vote rewards & get rewarded with vote coins (aka Coin (V)).
Get EXTRA advantages playing in-game by staying online, participating events, killing bosses & get rewarded with goblin points.
10 Goblin Points for each hour spent online!
And even more Goblin Points for completing events, killing goldens, bosses...
No items to be sold, only buffs, seals, pets, tickets (all purchases expiring).


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