[Guide] Server Setup Behind Router Without LoopBack

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[Guide] Server Setup Behind Router Without LoopBack

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:29 am

This has been Mentioned Before And Yes it does work.

First you want to forward all ports Needed. To do this you want to go into your router settings and open these ports.
44405 TCP
55557 BOTH
55901 TCP
55960 TCP
55970 TCP

For people who dont know how to port forward, Normally you type in your
router address which more then likely is Type your router
address in Internet Explorer so it should be like
And another window will show up Askin for a user account and password,
Type in the password you set it to (Defualt pass is Admin) Then find
port forwarding once your in your router

Now IP Configuration

Setp 1: Get your local ip which should be

Step 2: Get your lan ip which should be something like
192.168.1.xxx(You can get this from goin to start>run, should open
another window then type in cmd and hit enter. should open another
window in that window type in ipconfig/all. Then it should give you a
ip similar to that one.

Step 3: Get your wan ip(global ip) best place to get it is WhatIsMyIP.com.

After you get all of those make sure you Write them down.

Step 4: Now you need to make a no-ip. For that go to No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP
and register. After you register make a new host. Were it says to put
your ip put you wan ip there(global ip) and preferably make it a .org.
Make sure you remember the url you made it, you will need it for later.

Step 5: Now you need to find a file called host. To find it go to (my
computer>Local Disk(C:)>windows>system32>drivers>etc)
then you should see some files the one your lookin for is called hosts.
Now open it with notepad. When you open it you should see stuff like
" localhost" underneath that you want to put this in

(Right here lan) (Right here Wan) (Right here your no-ip host)
192.168.1.xxx ->[b]xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx whatever.no-ip.org

now it should look somethin like this localhost
192.168.1.xxx ->[b]xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx whatever.no-ip.org

Save and exit it when your done.

Now For your server files! Edit the ips in:
CS\ConnectServerList < Your no-ip
CS\Data\ConnecServerList < Your no-ip
CS\Data\ServerList < Your no-ip
Data\IpList < Your no-ip
Data\commonserver < (Should be 3 or more places to put this)
Data\lang\chs\commonloc < Your no-ip
Data\lang\kor\commonloc < Your no-ip

Now Client Side:
When you make a launcher make sure you put the connect ip as you no-ip

Now everything should be ready, Launch everything And it should run
with no errors. And your launcher should allow you and other people to
connect to your server.

Now if your usin MuServerStartup Put the no-ip in all the links and your Global up in the Place were it says "Your Ip"

This has been tested on 1.00L and 0.97 + Retail Im not assuring this
will work on any other server but it should. I could not get it to work
on 1.02k or 99.6x. Enjoy !

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