[Guide] Setting Up 99B+

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[Guide] Setting Up 99B+

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:37 am

Setting up MU Server guide 99b+ fixed CC, Kalima and modified Monsters.

Site is:


Has Pics!

Includes These Files

adminPHP.zip - 13kb - php website administration tool for muonline
AutoClick.zip - 8kb - a client tool for autoclick stats.
BMDEditor.zip - 484kb - lets you edit *.bmd files
cc_patch.zip - 34kb - a client patch for chaos castle
dupeditemfinder.zip - 134kb - a program that will find and delete duped items.
Gate_Editor.zip - 100kb - lets you edit your gate
main.zip - 884kb - client main.exe update.
monster_genV0.35.zip - 675kb - lets you generate monster code and coordinates
mu_web_eng.zip - 861kb - asp website script for IIS server
MuResetChars2004.zip - 533kb - auto reset characters.
ODBCreg.zip - 1kb - Auto creates ODBC in your server.
WTF_Editor.zip - 956kb - edit server *.wtf files.
SkyTeam_MuEditor-1.9_ver.zip - 653kb - mu account editor
mueditor_2.0.zip - 830kb - new editor.

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