[Guide] Setting up IPs for 99.6XT for ROUTER

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[Guide] Setting up IPs for 99.6XT for ROUTER

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:39 am

I made this cause no one F*CKING posted a guide for this. I'm sorry for
the swearing it's just that I'm pissed off that it took me SO long to
set up the server, when someone could've just told me how to set up the
server when I had asked. Follow the steps below:

1) Open CS folder of MuServer folder.
2) Go to www.whatismyip.org and copy the IP address. This is your WAN IP.
3) Go to Start > Run and type in "cmd" and click OK. Type in
"ipconfig" and press ENTER you will get a IP address listed, remember
it because this is your local ip.
4) WAN IP into Connectserverlist.dat, ServerInfo.dat, Serverlist.dat, and Connectserverlist.dat.
5) Open RankingServer folder, and open "svconfig.ini" type in password in password area.
6) Open ExDB folder, and open "exdb.ini" type in password in password area.
7) Open EventServer folder, open DATA folder, then open "svconfig.ini" type in password.
Cool Open DATA folder. Open "IpList.dat" and change to WAN IP.
9) Open "MapServerInfo.dat" and change all IPs to WAN IP.
10) Open "commonserver.cfg" and change all IPs to local IP.
11) Go to "LANG" folder and change IP to local IP.
12) Now go to the "LINKS" folder and open MuServerStartUp, then click configuration.
13) Now all the IPs you see in here you have to change to LAN IP.
14) If you see a word like :ip: then replace that with LAN IP.
15) Save the configuration and exit the configuration.
16) Type in WAN IP for MuServerStartUp and click START.


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