[Guide] Setting up your MuServer 1.00z!

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[Guide] Setting up your MuServer 1.00z!

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\\\\MU Server 1.00z Setup Guide/// By: JiGi

This is just a setup done by me. Whatever is here works for me, so it SHOULD (note teh SHOULD ^^; )work for you as well.
NOTE : This is JUST a GUIDE. It does not include where to get the
SERVER files itself. you should check the releases page for it.
For this guide, I will be using C:\ and not the usual D:\ .

K follow the SQL setup guide for the earlier versions of MuServers.

The first thing that you will need to make a server is called Microsoft
SQL Server, it is the program that will allow you to make the databases
and store them. Other useful things can be done using this program
almost all of them.

You can download Microsoft SQL Server known as MSSQL here).

Installing SQL Server 2000: Extract SQLEVAL.exe.

Run Setup.exe and click Next 8 times.

It will show you this window named Services Accounts.

In Service Settings set it to Use the Local System Account.

Click Next and it will show the Authentication Mode window.

Set it to Mixed Mode(Windows Authentication and SQL server Authentication) after that make sure to set a password below.

The password will be the sa account password, you will need it after on if you want to set an online registration.
Then click next to continue the Installation.

After installing, restore backups of MuOnline and Rankings as you would
for other servers. Gonna quote warrior19 again(xcept editing the D:\ to
C:\ hehe) :-

\\\Restoring Databases//

Restoring Databases:
Open Enterprise Manager, select Databases, right click and Create new
Database, name it MuOnline, create another one too named Ranking.

You can open Enterprice Manager in Start, All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server, and click Enterprise Manager.

This is how the restore of the databases will be:

Right click in MuOnline, All Tasks, Restore Database. Restore as Select
From Device, select Devices, Add, ... , then select MuOnline db backs
in C:\MuServer\db backs\ and click OK 4 times.

Right click in Ranking, All Tasks, Restore Database. Restore as Select
From Device, select Devices, Add, ... , then select Ranking db backs in
C:\MuServer\db backs\ and click OK 4 times.

In the newer server files, the odbc.reg can be found inside. Double click on the .reg file and..your done!

Done? k. Extract your mu files to C:\ . It'll look like C:\muserver .

Next. Moving onto IP editing.

Double click ur cs folder. in some muserver files there would be only 3 .DAT files in this folder, but for others (prob older versions) have 4.
For me, well I decided to play safe (hehe) and get the connectserverlist.dat (gonna attach it below for convenience) and chuck it into your cs folder.
It's path is C:\muserver\cs\connectserverlist.dat . BTW, in case your a total n00bZoR, u can use notepad to open .DAT files.

Inside the data folder of ur CS (cs/data) , open up the connectserverlist.dat and ServerList.dat file.
Change the IP inside to your ip.

Hmmm. not sure if this part works for you. Obtaining IP to put into the .dat folders :

1) Double click your small connection icon in the bottom right hand
corner of your taskbar (yes the 2 computers with the blue screens
flashing hehe ^^; )
and click the Details tab. It'll show you the Device Name of ur modem
etc etc and your Client IP Address. The client IP address is the one
you need (well thats what i use.)

2) or a simpler method (You guys are gonna kill me xD )
Click Start , then under Run type in cmd . in the ms-dos window type in ipconfig.
it'll display your IP Address. should be the 1st one on top.

kk. now that u've gotten your ip, let's edit the ips.

back to the .dat folders located in your cs/data folder. Replace the ip in connectserverlist.dat first, then save (duh)

that file looks like this for me:

//Server List
0 "Mu-LoGaN" "220.255.xx.xxx" 55915 "SHOW"

Then, Open up ur ServerList.dat file. Replace with your ip, then save.
again, mine looks like this :

//Server List
0 "Mu-LoGaN" "220.255.xx.xxx" 55915 "SHOW"

uhh. yeah it looks the same. but just do what i tell ya xD
k according to spitfire901 , dont touch the serverinfo.dat ..so, do as the man says, DONT TOUCH IT111
In case you havent, replace the ip in the connectserverlist.dat file in ur cs folder with your IP.

done with the cs folder. Now let's move onto the CustomDB folder.

Open config.ini. Input your ip and edit the userid and pw settings. It should look like


save. Again, thats obvious.

Head to the data folder now. (C:\muserver\data)

Open commonserver.cfg, and search (Ctrl + F) for ips..you need to replace 3 ips with yours, namely :


and 3)EventChipServerIp

Save and Close.

Open IpList.dat located in your data folder and replace with your IP.
It'll look like this :


Double Click the lang folder (C:\muserver\data\lang in case ur blind like me) and get into the chs folder.

Double click on the commonloc.cfg, and replace the IP ther with urs. It should look like :

IP = 220.255.xx.xxx
PORT = 55557


ClientExeVersion = 0.99.08
ClientExeSerial = UK4l32T426CaMOy9

LootingTime = 30 ;

k head back to C:\muserver.
O yes, make sure that the mx_config.ini in your GameServer folder has the SAME IP as the IP u used in your config.ini located in your CustomDB folder.

it's this section : -

MxMuDBAddress=220.255.xx.xxx ;Base de dados externa

I think u'll get the "open sql server error" during startup if it's not the same.

k. next, links! But I'm using the MUServerStartUP.exe provided by SkyTeam so it helps me,well, simplify things during startup heh.

I'll do the 'guide' on the program first. Double click on the
MUServerStartup program, and it should show a box with ur IP (in some
cases it tries to autostart when you open the program, so click on Stop Autostart (DUH) )
Replace the IP in the box with urs ( e.g 220.255.xx.xxx)
Then, click on configuration. Make sure the parameters for joinserver is has the IP of

And, the parameters of gameserver contain the IP of and NOT YOUR IP!

click Save (the floppy disk image on the top right hand corner) then click on the X icon.

You should be done now! Click on START and watch your server load!

***Btw, I would advice you peeps to use a launcher to connect (edit the roar.txt which comes with MX launchers to ur IP)
cause the other day i just double clicked on the mxmain.exe and no server box comes out =.= imagine how pissed I got. lol.


Warrior19 - 'quoted' his SQL server installation guide. wanted to msg
ya man but ur inbox was full so..hehe hope you wouldnt mind >.<
spitfire901 - this's actually just a rewriting of his guide..no offense man =)

In fact, lots n lots of thanks to these peeps and others who have made guides, and others whom have helped me along the way ^^

Hope I helped everyone out with this guide! Though I don't plan to
include a FAQ section cause I know I'm not as capable as the mods hehe

Whatever it is..I only have one request. Dont flame me xD umm..unless I
have to be. Cause i've got my exams now..so might not be able to attend
to qns.

K, That's all folks!

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