[Guide] Setup 0.99.6+/1.0n/1.0h Server

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[Guide] Setup 0.99.6+/1.0n/1.0h Server

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:42 am

Before reading pls don't be offended...


1. Make sure that your System is capable to operate under extreme CPU stress and
2. Knows how to tweak OS, optimize applications...
(My server too laggy, GS crashes randomly)

3. Know the basic tcp/ip udp etc to be used, how they work...
4. Knows how to handle networks, port forwarding, filtering, firewall...
(My server hacked, Dupes, Blasted etc...)

5. Must have a hardcore knowledge of the GAME, how the game works, runs and plays...
(At least owns an old server files like 97+++ versions working)

6. Must be resourceful.(Search is your friend!!!)
(Some In-Game options not work, not functioning not working bugged)

7. Most of all don't be Lame/Lazy...

(GOOD configuration of server=stable)

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