[Guide] Setup 99B muserver+muclient with router support

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[Guide] Setup 99B muserver+muclient with router support

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:42 am

Muserver files
Full Client
Restore DB and installing SQL and OBCD setting use another guide.
Here it come:
Router Side:
Click on >start>run>cmd after that you`re in command promt
type ipconfig. Type your default gateway ip in Internet Explorer like http://192.168.x.x.
Most routers have the same username and password. username:admin
password:1234. Now find in your Router something with Portforward or
Virtual Server.
Than open following ports:
Open this ports with IP that u see in ipconfig.
example: 44405
*44405 TCP
*55901 TCP
Server Side:
1.Click on this link http://www.no-ip.com
2.Register a no-ip adress with lower than 15 characters
like djmu.no-ip.org is only 14 characters.
3.Open D:\MuServer\CS\Connectserverlist.dat = change the ip ur No-ip adress
Open D:\MuServer\CS\data\Connectserverlist.dat = change the ip ur No-ip adress
Open D:\MuServer\CS\data\ServerInfo.dat = change the ip ur No-ip adress
Open D:\MuServer\CS\data\ServerList.dat = change the ip ur No-ip adress
Open D:\Muserver\data\Iplist.dat = change the ip ur No-ip adress
4. Open muserver\data\commonserver.dat changes all the ips to
5.Open \Muserver\data\lang\chs\commonloc.cfg put there your no-ip
6.Open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts and add under
your LAN IP and under localhost your no-ip adress.
7.In link 4 and 8 changes the to no-ip If no-ip dont work try
8. you`re done, open one for the links and have fun.

PPP/ISL Side::
go to start>run>cmd type ipconfig /all
If u see something like PPP/ISL,change in server side the ips into LAN IP,Lan ip is the first ip that u see in ipconfig and in the launcher put ur global ip to play.

Hope help your guys!!

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