[Guide] Setup 99B+ server (non-router support)

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[Guide] Setup 99B+ server (non-router support)

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:44 am

Installing MSSQL :

You can download Microsoft SQL Server 2000 here.

1. Extract SQLEVAL.exe using WinRar or just execute it.
2. Run Setup.bat and click Next 8 times.
3. It will show you a window named Services Accounts.
4. In Service Settings set it to Use the Local System Account.
5. Click Next and it will show the Authentication Mode window.
6. Set it to Windows Authentication.
7. Then click next to continue the Installation.

The Server Files :

Download the best optimized and bugless server files here (password: silver).

1. Extract muserver.rar to D:/Muserver.
2. Goto whatismyip.com and get your WAN IP.
3. Goto the links directory.
3B. Right click to the 04 shortcut and replace with your WAN IP.
3c. Do the same with 08 shortcut (there are two strings there).

Making The Database

We have almost finished, this is an easy part also.

1. Goto Start->Run->isqlw.exe(don't close it).
2. Open the D:/Muserver/RankingServer/SQL/ Directory. (thanks to executio for generating the scripts)
3. Open the Muonline.sql file and copy the script to the query analyzer query box and hit F5.
4. Do the same with Ranking.sql

Getting The Server Online & Finishing

The server is ready to run.

1. Open the D:/Muserver/Links/ directory.
2. Run the 00 - Configurator shortcut.
3. Now run all the other shortcuts (01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08)

ODBC errors
If you get any ODBC errors then try using the manual way of setuping ODBC using ODBC.reg.
If you get any erros related to MSWINSCK.OCX or MSINET.OCX files
register them as activex controls.If you don't know how to do this read
the CS\\fix.txt file.

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