[Guide] Set UP a server with all includes!

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[Guide] Set UP a server with all includes!

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:46 am

This guide will include all things to make a server (Website ,MuServer , SQL , Scripts)

MuServer :

First step :

Download MuServer 97d+99 By Warrior19 here!

NOTE : Password of these files are warrior19

Next step :

Edit MuServer with your IP in these files :








And on Links Folder u will need to edit the link from 1 to 8

Edit links 1,2,3,5,6,7 (Server path is D:\Warrior19\MuServer . Edit it with D:\MuServer )

And the links 4 & 8 same thing like D:\Warrior19\MuServer and edit the IP with your IP

This files edit with notepad

: You must have a WAN IP (IP that can enter all) to put on server , but
sure u can up server only on local Your WAN IP can be found here!

SQL Server :

First Step : Creating Databases

Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager

Click on that 3 +

Click + on Databases then right click on Databases and New Database

Put name of database MuOnline

Then right click on MuOnline > All Tasks > Restore Database . Click From Device then click Select devices.

Click Add > Click ... go to D:\MuServer\db baks select MuOnline

Press OK > OK > Click Options > Force restore over existing database

This thing u do with Ranking database (Name of database Ranking and restore it with Ranking)


First step : Download ODBC !

Put ODBC in D:\MuServer

And click (2 times) on it and Select OK (2 times)

Next step : Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC)

Next step : at User DSN click Add > Scroll down and select SQL
Server > Click Finish > Name MuOnline > Do not pot anything at
description > At Server Select the local (or what connection u set
when u installed SQL)

Select With SQL Server authentification using a login ID and password
entered by user. > Put login sa and password (u're password) >
Click Change the default database to: > And select Muonline >
Next > Finish > Test data source > OK > OK > OK

Setting UP SQL Server

First step : Download Microsoft SQL Server 2000 here!

After downloading let's go to :

Next step : Installing SQL Server

Open SQLEVAL.exe choose extract drive and folder

Open autorun.exe and press Alt + C and Alt + S

Click "Next" 8 times and select at Service Settings "Use Local System Account"

Then next > Click Mixed Mode and put password of the user "sa"

Next > Next

And SQL Server is succesfully installed.


Download AppServ from here!

Installing AppServ (Is Easy)

I wont put all guide... just install it and go to www and delete all things of there!

Just when u finish installing do not open AppServ & MySQL

Download MuWeb 0.3 from here!

Extract this to AppServ folder in www

Go to config.php .. open it with notepad it's easy this too...

After configuring it go to C:\WINDOWS\php.ini find php_mssql and delete " ; "

Go to Start > Programs > AppServ > Manual Control Server > Apache

After opening apache go to http://yourip/install/install.php

This will be easy too..

And finished!

And i think all is finished here....

Security for blast hack

First step : Download Port Blocker from here!

Install it and open it in Start Bar u have the icon of port blocker ...
right click on it and click on Mapping . Delete ports 80 and the ports
that u use already

Click Add and put port 55960 ... and Add one more time and put 55962

Then close Port Blocker... open the muserver and open PortBlocker...

Ok this guide is finished.... this PortBlocker will block ports that blast hacks use to connect to make items , stats & gm!

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