[Guide] Setup with success of 1.02J

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[Guide] Setup with success of 1.02J

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:48 am

First off I only want credits on setup which was taking from the
complied posts of many noobs, time searching and weeding out the
porblems and much more. This is a setup guide NOT a request thread. Any
flame and ill erase the guide.

Step 1: Download the server files and make sure you got either drive c or drive d, no eed for drive m.
Step 2: Make sure you get the mu korea 1.02E and the 1.02J patch, and
the unpakced main and a luancher builder for your client you may use
the packed main and make a shortcut, putting your ip in it so you may
Step 3: change the eventserver pass to yours, change the rankingserver pass to yours, and change the pass in the exdb to yours.
Step 4: Put your ip in KGsConfig, wan , and your ip in Serverinfo and Serverlist in the connect server datafolder.
Step 5: Edit the ip in ip list to your wan ip, edit the ip in
commonser.loc to yuor lan ip and edit the ip in the kor folder to your
wan ip.
Step 6: Edit your links, 4, 5, 6, 9 to your lan ip.
Step 7: You may want to merge MuOnline db and Me_MuOnline db so you can
use mu editor. You can find a guide on this in this section.
Step8: To create accounts use muaccountcreate from the 99.60T series.
Step 9: To connect patch the 1.02E with the 1.02J and connect using the
unpacked main and edit the ip to yours and make aluancher with your ip
in it and edit it to your ip.
You may use the packed main and make a shortcut to it and place your ip in it.
Step 10: You must setup a md5 web for ppl to reg and play your ggame.

This is simple guide made by me compiling all info from the release
thread into it. it wil be updated as info becomes availiable. Any
flames and a mod will be contacted. Ask for help in the help section
not here. Her is only GUIDE Section.

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